English speaking Polish bank in Krakow

Hello folks, I'm new in Cracow-life :) I'm looking for a Polish bank to make an account. I did some research on Polish banks and figured why not to try Bank Pekao. I don't speak Polish very well yet so I need someone who speaks English in the bank. I visited one on Juliana Dunajewskiego but none of the staffs spoke English. Do anybody know which branches of Bank Pekao in Krakow has English speakers? Or do you anybody know any bank that has English speakers? Thank you :)

- Posted by Jipangu from Poland on Oct 30th, 2012

I'm a client of Alior Bank, I registered at the branch in Zwierzyniecka Ul. I'm a normal tipycal middle-class expatriate working in Krakow and I was presented all the conditions of the cheapest low-level bank account by J.Kipiel and M.Szewczyk. They both speak and understand good English and they are extremely kind. The account is free of any expenses and very convenient from all points of view. I do anything online from home, I have no costs on any domestic operations and I have the business cards of these two guys and any time I feel like, I have a phone call with them and they're glad to help. Definitely reccommended.

- Posted by maxmaxmax from Poland on Nov 1st, 2012

Hello Max. Thank you so much for your reply :) The bank is close to my place. I will visit the bank as soon as I get my PESEL, which is slated to be issued next week. I hope I'll be a satisfied client like you :)

- Posted by Jipangu from Poland on Nov 5th, 2012

You don't need pesel or anything. I think I just had my passport when I registered at the bank. I have 2 bank accounts, one in Euros and one in Zloty, both free of any charges. Of course you should have a local address and phone number. After about 2 months I am still waiting for my residence address to be registered by the local immigration office. God knows how long it'll take later to get pesel. Nip number (to pay taxes) is extraordinary fast to get, on the other hand; guess why. Coming from a third world primitive country of cavemen (Italy) I love Polish bureaucracy: linear and easy, with employees speaking English. But it takes Jacob's patience to get through, since any simple paper is easy to ask for, but takes ages to get.

- Posted by maxmaxmax from Poland on Nov 6th, 2012

Hi again. I went to the Alior Bank and opened up accounts :) Thank you so much again Max. M.Szewczyk was so helpful. I don't know a lot about other banks in Poland but for me Alior Bank totally stands out. I received my registered address and PESEL in two weeks after applying, hence it kinda surprises me it's been taking over two months for you. I think it totally depends on which Urzą Miasta you went and applied. I hope you will receive yours very soon. Now I'm gonna try to get a job in Krakow which is the hardest..

- Posted by Jipangu from Poland on Nov 27th, 2012

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