INTERKULTURALIA - LET’S MEET! The largest multicultural event in Krakow!!

This year, for the first time, together with our international volunteers we organize INTERKULTURALIA - LET'S MEET. The event is aiming to present the cultural diversity of Krakow. Foreigners who live and work in Krakow, would like to explain the impact of their presence and the influence of cultural exchange for the social, economic and cultural life. We will all have a chance to know each other better, reconsider our cultural stereotypes and above all enjoy a great intercultural event. The entire festival is divided into two parts. The agenda for the day includes: cooking workshops, dance workshops, language classes and activities for children. So we invite both kids and adults to join us! And in the evening...LET’S MEET! – a Multi Culti Party from dusk till dawn. All of the volunteers behind this event will be there presenting their own countries, answering questions, explaining why they chose Cracow over a, perhaps, more illustrious metropolis and their experiences in this great city. From 21.30 there will be live concert of Teddy Jr., a multicultural band based in Cracow and later on a party till dawn so that nobody leaves without having danced to both Polish and foreign rhythms! For more information and detailed agenda visit: Participation in all events (except film screening in Pauza Cinema) is free of charge! Online registration for the workshops starts on October 16th. To register email: In the title, please put the name of the workshop that you would like to attend.

- Posted by Interkulturalni from Poland on Oct 16th, 2012

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