Art classes

Heya, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are any art lessons/workshops happening around town? I've been asking around, and the only ones I can find are for kids... I'm interested in painting but will try anything! Thanks:)

- Posted by Canadian5 from Poland on Mar 27th, 2007

Hi Canadian5, Check this link The Salwator Art Studio, ul. Ukryta 29 +48 (12) 4229693

- Posted by barszcz from Poland on Mar 28th, 2007

This sounds great... thanks barszcz!

- Posted by Canadian5 from Poland on Mar 28th, 2007

Hi I've seen adverts for art classes in a window by the entrance into a building on Florianska (on the right hand side as you're walking away from the Rynek, the cultural centre on Mikolajska 2 also runs art/drawing courses a few times a year and I sometimes see workshops advertised on the Les Couleurs noticeboards. Good luck!

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Apr 14th, 2007

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