A show for kids in English!

Two crazy English-speaking girls who like to dress up as giant flowers and play their musical instruments (accordion and french horn) will be doing a show this weekend!!! Rosie and Violetta's Musical Storytime Fun songs and exciting stories for kids aged 3 to 8!!! Sunday, April 1st 2007 12:15 p.m. Cafe Szafe ulica Felicjanek 10 Tickets: 10 zloty (parents free) We'll be reading "Piggy Bank Gonzales" and "The Little Engine that Could" while doing an exciting live musical soundtrack! There will also be sing-along songs, music and lots of crazy fun.

- Posted by rosierosie from Poland on Mar 27th, 2007

Sounds great!

- Posted by barszcz from Poland on Mar 28th, 2007

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