Advice needed

I am planning a trip to Krakow and was wondering where the best place is to stay, i cant decide between the Old Town or Kazimierz district..Can anyone help please?

- Posted by Tonester from Poland on Sep 12th, 2012

Yo! I have a friend that lives in Krakow and she advised me to stay in the Old Town/City Center. That's where the most excitement is supposed to be.

- Posted by tobiasf916 from Poland on Sep 12th, 2012

Thank you for your help, much appreciated

- Posted by tonester from Poland on Sep 13th, 2012

Hey, Kazimierz Area is located really close to the Old Town and seems more quiet, of course depending on what u are looking for.. Have a nice stay in Krakow!

- Posted by Thea80 from Poland on Sep 16th, 2012

Thea80, thanks for the advice, really appreciate it

- Posted by tonester from Poland on Sep 21st, 2012

Both have their plusses and minuses. Personally I'd choose the Old Town. Hotel Saski is a decent central option, Hotel Stary or Wentzl for luxury. You can find and book all these places right here on this site - - have a great trip!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Sep 27th, 2012

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