photography project

hey, I'm 22 years old photography graduate. I'm working on new project which contains portraits of people from other countries. If you're interested please contact me :)

- Posted by asia.w from Poland on Aug 25th, 2012

Hey! I'm Austrian(staying in Kraków till end of September), so maybe you are interested :)

- Posted by cathi89 from Poland on Aug 27th, 2012

Hey! I am Ukrainian living in Krakow, so contact me!

- Posted by Gingergreen from Poland on Sep 18th, 2012

Im interested, I'm from England, just moved to krakow. My email;

- Posted by Drewlskelly from Poland on Oct 3rd, 2012

I'll also be interested. I'm from South Africa and here on a business trip until 15 October.

- Posted by andyRSA from Poland on Oct 4th, 2012

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