english job searching

Hello! I moved in Krakow one week ago. I am searching for a job... anything... just to be in english. I have an experience for three years as preschool teacher at kindergarden - working with children. I have a batchelor's degree in Public Relations. Any ideas? :)

- Posted by Ioana2310 from Poland on Aug 8th, 2012

Hi there, Best would be to have a look at the websites of the big companies that have their centres located in Krakow. They always have hiring needs, so maybe you're a potential candidate? You can check some openings of e.g. Capgemini, Heineken, AON Hewitt, Capita, Shell or Amway t name just a few. Use their websites or job browsers like: Pracuj.pl and Infopraca.pl. I hope it helps.

- Posted by EUROPAcare24 from Poland on Aug 9th, 2012

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