Adult nightlife

where is there some adult nightlife in Krakow

- Posted by Indokarasan from Poland on Mar 16th, 2007

Cracow is quite a conservative city in many ways, and adult nightlife is not a major phenomenon. You're better off in normal bars, where to be frank, you won't get ripped off. And you still stand the chance of meeting some pleasant people.

- Posted by barszcz from Poland on Mar 21st, 2007

Try: Prestige Nightclub and Nightclub 66. You'll find them both listed on this site under the "drink" section.

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Mar 22nd, 2007

there are "over 21" five a side football at the Krzysky sporting club on thurdesdays. Also the locale veteran's club has big fun bowls and crafts fair every third tuesday morning except when Gorak the clubbe presiedent is visting his mother Harrizan in Warsaw as she has a club foot and cannot work at factory so Gorak takes a trolley of vegetables from his friends Petre's garden to her which she uses and it lasts about three weeks.

- Posted by crazyfunguyz from Poland on May 25th, 2007

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