Changing currency and the salt mines

Hi, The first time I went to Krakow my friend bought his currency at a post office in England and got a much better rate than me. The 2nd time I bought it in Krakow, now Im going again in 6 weeks and I'm not so sure. My local money shop usually gives the best rates around and at the moment they are giving 4.78 Zloty to £1 can anybody tell me for sure if I'm likely to get a significantly better rate in Krakow. Also could somebody please pin point exactly where I would get a local bus to the salt mines. Many thanks

- Posted by Daved2006 from Poland on Feb 3rd, 2012

Hi I live in Krakow and changed some pounds earlier today in city could get was 5.03 today...generally speaking its better to wait until you get here to exchange currency.Im not so sure on buses to salt mines but there are tons of tour companies here that go...if can get info for you ill let you know!

- Posted by richwright from Poland on Feb 3rd, 2012

a truely amazing tour that you can do yourself. 2.5 zlty each way on the lux bus which leave from outside a corner shop at the corner of stradomska and sw. gertrudy. 50 zlty entrance fee 10 zlty photo pass Read more:

- Posted by richwright from Poland on Feb 3rd, 2012

i cannot believe you cannot get over 5 zloty for a pound. In the Rynek glowny-the market square. There is three streets that run parallel to each other. Florianska/swietego jana and slawkowska. I think it is slawkowska that there is a "kantor" exchange bureau which has the best rate in krakow i swear. It will only take you 5 mins to check these 3 streets they are not long. I would start in slawkowska st first and just check all the kantors. Then try the other 2. But i think the one i normally use is on slawkowska st

- Posted by alejaja from Poland on Feb 4th, 2012

I agree with alejaja, the two Kantor's on Slawkowska are in competition for the highest rates. Both are on the same side of the street- 3 doors apart.

- Posted by javakc from Poland on Feb 5th, 2012

Thanks for the valuable information. I will change my money on ul Slawkowska. Do you guys know if they open late as my plane lands at 2030 and I need to change money to pay the balance off my apartment. Also do they charge any fee for changing money as the last time I looked at the rate and changed money it seemed that I did not get what I expected although I may have made an error in my calculation. Kupno is the Polish word I should be looking for is that right ? Thanks

- Posted by Daved2006 from Poland on Feb 8th, 2012

At your arrival time the great majority of Kantor's are cloaed. Most typically open at 9:00 & close by18;00. I would recommend that you have some Polish Zloty with you when you arrive & make your exchange the following day. Kantor's are everywhere in the Town center but you do have to be careful as the offer to buy dollars (Kupno) can have large swings from place to place. My experience is that the two places on Swadowska St.(same side between St.Mark & St.Thomas Streets) give you a high exchange rate with the Fee already built into the offering rate.

- Posted by Javakc from Poland on Feb 8th, 2012

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