Tourism in Krakow

I want to warn people of the raw violence that hit me in the center of Krakow, for about a week ago. I had taken the car to buy some food on a Sunday afternoon. Stops on a main road going into the smaller store and comes out 5 minutes later. When I get out, a guy is hanging inside the car after smashing a window to gain access to mobile phones in the car. I try to stop him by shouting and hollering. He then runs towards me, in the next second I get one or more kicks in the head by a guy who kept hiding. He kicks me so hard that cheekbone breaks and I get an concussion. If he had kicked any higher, I would probably never been able to get up on the feets againe. Lesson: learned when you meet this cowards always assume that they like hyenas always work in groups, especially in Krakow. For me personal it is OK to put this kind of people to sleep forever in a compassionate manner. Since the can kill people for a mobile phone. The police and the nurses have been fantastic, by the way.

- Posted by Mr E from Sweden on May 22nd, 2013

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