The 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Krakow

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If you’re reading this article then you are probably one of our kin. A curry connoisseur with a penchant for pakoras, a savourer of samosa, an ogler of okra, a peasant in the palace of paneer, a fan of fried spice, an admirer of aloo, a monk of the order of masala, a tikka treasurer... it’s tempting to go on but not as tempting as the aromatic delights our Cracovian curry houses have to offer.

With Bollywood featuring our fine city in a series of blockbuster films over the last decade, India’s love affair with Krakow has blossomed – attracting many of it’s culinarily skilled citizens to our cobbled streets. Taking advantage of a gap in the market and the addictive pleasure which keeps customers coming back for plate after plate of invigorating flavours, Indian chefs have been setting up shop to bosh out korma for Kasia, murg mattar for Michał, tandoori for Tomek and jalebi for Jakub.

But in whose kitchen does the divinity of the holy golden chilli reside? In no particular order, here’s our list of the 5 best Indian restaurants in Krakow.



Krakow’s wellspring of crispy samosa deliciousness, this little hole-in-the-wall has developed a rather cult-like following amongst the locals… and for good reason. It’s not so often you come across food which is at the same time both so healthy, healing and so truly scrumptious. Their menu is simple: unique daily varieties of samosa, dal, curry, chapati & rice. You can taste the clear value placement of quality over quantity. All ingredients are vegan or vegetarian and follow ayurvedic principals (that means no garlic or onion for starters, but trust us, there's no lack of flavour here!) designed to balance your body and it’s chakras (energy centres). 

Personally, I regularly purchase their golden pyramids by the bagful to share with friends or to treat myself on a cosy night in and I have friends who swear by their lunchtime curries. Hariprasad’s samosas are so popular that you can even find them ordered into other shops and cafes such as Naturalny Sklepik and Smaki Roslinny

Price Range: 5zl to 20zl // $1 to $4 (per person)

Dietla 45 Pasaż // +48 735 009 885 // Facebook 



Hot Chili

We've had a long and delicious relationship with Hot Chili since the day we discovered it. It's our go-to couch curry when we want a cosy night in with a warm and nourishing meal delivered to our door (but be prepared to wait 'cause they get pretty busy). These evenings, the mood is always bright and luxurious thanks to the influence of the positive energy that food from this restaurant always brings. Dining in their old-town, planty-park-adjacent premises has the same effect.

Chole Bhature, Chana Poori, Malai Kofta, Lacha Paratha - did we take a wrong turn in Stare Miasto and end up in Delhi? Hot Chili has perhaps the largest and most diverse selection of dishes to choose from along with the most authentic flavour we've come across. There are loads of curries and snacks on their menu that we chowed down on regularly while living in India but don’t normally come across outside of our favourite spicy subcontinent. 

Price Range: 25zl to 45zl // $5 to $15 (per person)

ul. Pijarska 9 // +48 12 422 12 92 // Website // Facebook 

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Taste of India

Two years ago in a bout of spontaneity which was clearly charged with destiny, two friends from India were inspired to open their very own restaurant in Krakow. The spirits of spice were certainly smiling down on this duo as local mouths embraced their dishes. In those 2 short years, Taste of India has become such a triumph that these biriyani buddies have recently opened their second restaurant ‘Gate of India’.

The secret to their success? Authenticity: dusting their dishes with the true ‘taste of India’ by using original Indian spices. You can even try a real Indian beer. Compassion: their diverse menu easily caters to all walks of life with India’s strong traditions of vegetarianism allowing for carnivores, omnivores and even vegans to enjoy their own meal. The three levels of spice also make these curries accessible to both chilli newcomers and the experts.

Price Range: 25zl to 45zl // $5 to $15 (per person)

*Reservations are recommended

ul. Dietla 46 // +48 12 422 18 12 // Website // Facebook



Gate of India

The second home for the true ‘Taste of India’, at only 2 months old this restaurant is totally fresh on the scene and we’re vibing it. The food here is every bit as delicious as in the original restaurant, with the same authentic spices, high-quality ingredients and diversity of menu. You’ll find this tikka temple on ul. Stradomska, near Krakow’s famed Wawel Castle and sharing the same royal energy. This cavernous space is perfectly suited for lavish feasts and large groups of merrymakers, so send off your ravens to the neighbouring raj and throw that paratha party you’ve always dreamed of.

Price Range: 25zl to 45zl // $5 to $15 (per person)

*Reservations are recommended // Excellent for group bookings

Stradomska 11 // +48 12 356 55 63 // Website // Facebook



Hello India

Another new face on the scene, Hello India embodies yet another side of the truly vast South Asian continent. With an atmospheric decor of wooded walls, dyed cloths of soft natural colours and tasteful traditional artisan touches, we are transported to a peaceful jungle retreat and we feel right at home here! A tiger of many stripes, it’s run together by a North Indian, a South Indian and a Polish woman. This assortment of knowledge, taste buds and attitudes has combined to create a perfect understanding of how to unite Krakow with the Karakoram (Krakokoram?).

With their carefully chosen spices shipped over from the motherland, this passionate team want to show the world two unique regional sides of Indian cuisine: the spicy southern vibe and the more subdued northern vibe. We especially recommend their lunch options which include a vegetarian or meat thali (a tasty set of diverse dishes) from only 18zl. Vegan or gluten-free options are available upon request.

Price Range: 25zl to 45zl // $5 to $15 (per person)

ul. Augustiańska 24-LU4 // +48 12 651 48 20 // Website // Facebook


Did we leave out something delicious? Tell us about your favourite places in the comments below!



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An Indian individual I know living in Krakow who has tested all Indian restaurants claims Zayka is the best. Question is, did you choose these because you like them or because you feel they're the ones that resemble most the real thing? I'm guessing the former.

Reply Feb 13th, 2019

You probably work at or own Zayka or have friends who do if you're saying it's the best! I live near Zayka and it's the most convenient place to eat Indian food but the few times I tried it, it was terrible. Worst in Krakow. I never ever go there now and have lunch across town instead. I might not be Indian but I lived in India for a while and I know a good curry when I taste one. It's my favourite food. Their Naan was like paper. The curry tasted like it was made with crappy ingredients by Polish people. It was not good food.

Reply Feb 14th, 2019
Steven Gilbert
United States

Thank you for writing this article, it has been very helpful for my wife and I as we are looking out for a great Indian place to dine at during our stay..

Reply Feb 13th, 2019

Yes, stick to foreign food! :D Polish "food" is a no-go.

Reply Feb 13th, 2019
Steven Gilbert

As a matter of fact, we both very much enjoy Polish food and have been happily exploring the regional dishes to much satisfaction. 'someDo-Gooder' you're not such a do-gooder to go around criticizing others' cuisines and choices of restaurant.

Reply Feb 14th, 2019

this is making me hungry

Reply Feb 6th, 2019