The Planty

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One of the great joys about living in Krakow is in watching the play of the seasons. They are more distinct here than in other parts of Europe, and the arrival of winter usually heralds a deep blanket of snow. Thus Spring is doubly inspiring. There is no better place to savour these changes than the Planty; a ring of parkland that encircles the Old Town. Its walkways and benches offer views of many fine buildings, and the verges are peppered with statues to heroes of old.

The gardens came about as a result of the dismantling of the medieval fortifications, a move that had been set in motion by the Austrians in 1806. Following the Napoleonic Wars, Krakow enjoyed a brief period as a free city, and a grand project was launched to beautify the area. Gardens were laid out and a ring-road was placed beyond them.

A walk around the entire length of the gardens would take about forty minutes at a relaxed pace. It is a good way to get a feel for the city. At night time, some of those who come here are there for more mischievous reasons than others. And those with a penchant for vodka are understandably fond of its pretty flowerbeds and inviting benches. But this is overwhelmingly a safe, tranquil place and not to be missed.


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Great video:))) Waiting for more!

Reply Oct 13th, 2010
Duncan Rhodes
United States

Ah, Peter Gossens, the world's least famous travel writer! The world thanks you for your insight.

Reply Oct 12th, 2010
United Kingdom

Stupid comment below. Who are you - Lord Byron? I thought the text was pithy and to the point - and the video - brilliant!

Reply Oct 12th, 2010
Peter Gossens
United States

what a stupid commentary on the gardens at night. you guys are so far off the path of what interests tourism that is is ridiculous for a major city to advertise this pedestrian prose. Hire somebody else to write up what the city has to offer in plain English, not puffed-up prose. Peter Gossens, (a travel journalist and writer)plus your website for some strange reason cuts off comments from readers -- a major no, no.

Reply Feb 12th, 2010
United Kingdom

walking through the planty in winter,the frost,the cold air biting your face,sharing a kebab with your loved one,fantastic,who said romance was dead?

Reply Jan 21st, 2010
United Kingdom

indeed watching autumn arrive in the Planty gardens is a joy. I ride/cycle to work through the planty every day and this is always my favourite part of the journey. Not only watching the park change with the seasons but to see the tramps, lovers, kids, tourists, nuns, priests and even the odd art exhibition

Reply Oct 12th, 2007