New Dino Kind Found in Romania

Fossilized bones of a new type of pterosaur were discovered in Romania; there was a flying reptile that lived in dinosaur-era about 68 million ago and had a wingspan of about three feet

Pieces  from this medium sized pterosaur skeleton were discovered in Sebe-Glod, in Podiul Transilvaniei, a region famous for the variety of fossils from the late Cretaceous (about 68 million years ago) which were found here such as the crocodile-morphs (ancient relatives of crocodiles), mammals, turtles and dinosaurs as dwarf small sauropod (Magyarosaurus Dacus) and Stocky Dragon (Dragon Dromaeosaur), according to

Information was published by researchers from Romania Ardeal Museum Society, Southampton University – Great Britain, and Rio de Janeiro National Museum – Brasil. The study which presents the new pterosaur type was published online on 30th of January, in science journal PLOS One.

Science people have decided that this new type of flying reptile would get the name of Eurazhdarcho langendorfensis and state that this being belonged to a group of pterosaurs named Azhdarchidae.

Pterosaurs lived in the same time with dinosaurs and disappeared also in the same time but they were not dinosaurs. Sometimes, in a wrong way, they were called pterodactiles but this word describes only the first type of pterosaur discovered by science people in XVIIth century. Small pterosaurs appeared in triasic, 230 million years ago. Then, in jurassic and cretaceous, more advanced type of flying reptiles developed, as Azhdarchidae.

“These were pterosaurs with long necks and long beaks, their wings were adapted for plan flight" researcher Darren Naish declared, a paleontologist at the University of Southampton in the UK. "Some features of bones and hind wings indicate that these creatures could raise their wings and walk, if necessary, on all their four feet," he said.


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