Bucharest Pubs A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the pubs in Bucharest, listed on Local Life.

Club A

Start wearing purple, wearing purple 

3 reviews

Club Bamboo

Dream on, Romeo; you can't afford her... 

51 reviews

Club Revenge

Time to get your own back ! 

14 reviews

Cool Cat

Bring a marker 

4 reviews


It's all so civilised 

1 review

Green Hours

The envy of the jazz scene 

0 reviews

IO Espresso & Coffee Bar

Classy cafe in a curious building 

0 reviews

Kristal Glam Club

The country's finest 

6 reviews

Laptaria Enache

Almost universally loved University bar 

1 review


Beer by the bucket 

0 reviews


Hearsay and hedonism 

2 reviews

Que Passa?

What's up with this place? 

1 review


Gah, get a room! 

1 review

Studio Martin

Get live in the Studio 

1 review

The Office

Get down to business 

4 reviews

0 reviews