Bucharest Weather

What's the weather in Bucharest like?

Will I be able to sun my speedo in Buch this summer? Just how harsh are the hands of a Bucharest winter? Or the age-old question: umbrella or no umbrella? Best check our Bucharest five-day forecast before setting off or out on your urban adventure.

So when's the best time to visit? We're not going to sit here and sell you on the gritty charms of winter, when there's clearly a superior alternative. Unlike other nearby European cities, Bucharest hasn't begun to become a tourist destination, so no need to avoid that summer tourist crush. May, June and July are undoubtedly the best months to see blue skies over the city, sailboats on Lake Herastrau, couples in the parks and the girls with their wild...um...wildflowers in their hair. It's as pretty a picture as the city can portray of itself. Temperatures this time of year usually hover between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, climbing over 30 occasionally as the season gets later. Summers are generally dry, but heavy, violent thunderstorms are not uncommon.

Winters, conversely can be pretty bleak and unilaterally gray. Strong winds tunnel through the streets, everything turns to mud and somehow that holiday spirit just never really catches on. Nonetheless, the months of snow do have a softening, concealing effect when it comes to the rough edges of this tough city. And if you're a winter sports buff, picturesque Sinaia is a 2-hour Intercity train ride to the north, where on a weekday you're likely to have the ski slopes of the Carpathians all to yourself. Temperatures in January dive down to -10 degrees Celsius, averaging around +0, so bundle up Bucharest.


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