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Be as it may, Bucharest has a bit of an unsavory reputation for hardcore hedonism, but don't come a-knockin' on our door to get the details. We at Local Life Bucharest like to keep it wholesome, so it's all on your own when it comes to escort services, erotic massage, strip clubs and the like. Call us a bunch of prudes; we just like to keep it to ourselves, Big-Pimpin'. All the same, we'll gladly point you in the direction of the city's plushest casinos, cinemas, sports clubs, theme parks and whatnot. Search our directory, take the family and keep it clean, Casanova.

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Aleea Circului 1
D Niculae Staicovici nr 7

2. The Cage Escape Room

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Stop cruelty against animals! In nowadays in circuses is to expensive to be tolerant to animals and they even don't have appropriate methods of teaching them. In animals' eyes humans become animals!

Bucharest Globus Circus

Overall Bucharest is a wonderful city, so diverse and colourful. The biggest obstacle is getting information in English..like when the Circus performs and now to get tickets. Any Info?

Bucharest Globus Circus


Bucharest Globus Circus

The acrobats are really great. The whole experience is more than I expected and quite professional, in a fun way.

United States,
Bucharest Globus Circus


United States,
Bucharest Globus Circus