Romanian Project Romano Cher among Semi-Finalists at EC-Competition

The social initiative Romano Cher and their appendant cooperative ButiQ were chosen as one of 30 semi-finalists for the European Social Innovation prize, reports. Over 600 applicants had submitted entries to the European Commision's competition.

Romano Cher supports Roma craftspeople in distributing their goods, amongst others via the online marketplace Mesteshukar ButiQ. With the help of the website, over 100 people sell their handmade traditional products like leather bags, silverware and household supplies. According to their self-description, the creators of Romano Cher „want to bring traditional Roma craftsmen on the labor market by providing a frame which enables them to use their skill, heritage and passion, while providing for their family and offering the positive examples the community thrives for.“

The European Social Innovation Competition focuses on finding concepts to counter unemployment and under-employment in the European Union. In May, the three best proposals will each be awarded with a of prize of 20,000 €.



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