Bucharest Hotel Prices Compared to Rest of Europe

Staying in a hotel in Bucharest is not as cheap as you might think, with a recent study calculating the average prices as 40% higher than in Berlin. The prices are still cheaper than in cities such as Moscow, Zurich, and London, with the Deloitte study finding the average price of a hotel room in Bucharest at about 128 euro per night.

While the average occupancy rate fell by about 7% between January and April 2008, the rate is still higher than the European average. On weekends the average occupancy rate is about 20%, going up to 50% on weekdays. The cities with the highest occupancy turned out to be, unsurprisingly, Paris with 75% and London with 78%.

With the prices and occupancy at a healthy level, Bucharest hotels are now making about 18% revenue per room, which is 2.2% higher than hotels in Paris. Experts speculate the high price of accommodation is affected by the weak competition in the Bucharest hotel market. While in the last year several larger hotels have opened including the 4-star Rin Grand Hotel and the Ramada Plaza Hotel, there is still a lack of many of the more prestigious hotel chains.

However, if a posh hotel stay is not what you're looking for while staying in Bucharest, don't let this news dissuade your plans to visit this beautiful city. There are still plenty of budget and mid-range choices to pick from including apartments and hostels. But for those wanting a hotel room with sheets whose threads have actually been counted, you may have to fork out a bit extra for your luxurious desires!

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