Hotels Slump as Aparthotels Rocket

If youre thinking of a flying visit to the Romanian Capital, or even if youre a resident who feels like splurging out on a treat, dont be afraid to haggle with hotel owners as Bucharest hotels have seen a crash in bookings this year, due to the economic crisis.

Its mostly down to the fall in business travellers to the city last year only 57 per cent of hotel rooms were occupied and this year falls of 20 per cent in some months have been seen. As well as less business travellers coming to the city, the lure of the aparthotel has been pulling the few remaining ones away from traditional hotels.

Half-way between a hotel and an apartment, theres no maid service, but they do offer larger and more private space than a hotel and are generally cheaper as well. They can be booked for one night or longer stays sometimes up to three years.

There are around 600 aparthotels scattered around the city, many of them nestled inside some of the loveliest buildings sporting Art Deco facades. The aparthotels themselves are naturally fitted out to the highest standards blending the best of the citys history with high-tech spec. Some of the more exclusive aparthotels offers extras such as cleaning and five-star cuisine at an additional cost.

Despite the recession aparthotels are seen as a growth area and there are plans to build developments around the city containing another 400. Much of the lure of these aparthotels for investors is that returns come much quickly than a hotel with its numerous overheads, and this is partly fuelling the surge.

So wherever you opt for in Bucharest make sure you cut a deal thats as cool as the place where youll lay your head.


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