A Cinematic 360 Degree Experience

The days could be over for when you could scurry into a cinema to escape a drenching from a sudden downpour - at least in Bucharest anyway. That's because a British-based company, Light Cinema, has just opened the world's very first 6D cinema in the Romanian capital.

Most of us are probably familiar with 3D films, synonymous with Elton John style glasses, but 6D takes your viewing pleasure into a whole new dimension. Films not only project 3D images, but also expose the audience to the elements, such as rain, wind, and smells just as the characters on screen experience. The theatre's chairs also revolve on cue to keep the cinema goer...well...on the edge of their seat throughout.

The special 6D theatre can seat up to 40 and shows films between five and 15 minutes. There's eight screens at the venue altogether, which plays Hollywood blockbusters and alternative films. The company's invested 600,000 in the technology and is planning to open second 6D theatre in Oradea in the autumn.


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