Getting around Bratislava

Above: Would the owner of the antique red firetruck please move their vehicle? Left: Cruising on the Danube in a fancy boat Below: Cruising on the streets in a dodgy vest

By Public Transport

Generally you're not going to need to plunge yourself into parallel worlds of underground trains or fighter helicopters. Bratislava is a pretty compact place - the Old Town is entirely pedestrianised and there is indeed no metro system. However, if you're staying beyond the fringe of the Old Town you may need to hop on a bus or tram from time to time. Daily passes are available that give you access to all running services, but you can also snag a shorter journey from the numerous kiosks and yellow vending machines that dot the city. It's 14 SKK for a ten minute ride, 18 for half an hour. To avoid embarrassing scenarios, buy your ticket beforehand and stamp it immediately after climbing aboard.

By Taxi

Although the Old Town is technically a no go zone for cars, taxis maintain the right to drop you off at your hotel door. As in most cities, avoid vehicles that don't seem equipped with legitimate company ID. If you order a taxi beforehand from a restaurant for example, you're liable to get a more reasonable fare. As a rule, genuine taxi firms - and there are 15 of them in the Brat - offer cheaper rates if you call in advance. For a pre-ordered taxi, it's about 14 SKK per km, whilst for a hailed cab it's about 20. Add to this the 20 SKK (0.6 EUR) starting fee and you'll soon be as wise to it all as the locals.


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