The Blood Countess

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"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance."

So spoke George Bernard Shaw. But in the case of Elizabeth Bathory, one can't help feeling that his words would have been of small comfort to the next of kin. So vile were the Countess's crimes that her relatives must have feared that the family name would be eternally blackened. Indeed, it's said that after her death it was forbidden to mention the Countess's name in Hungarian society. But even if that were so, there was little the family could do to prevent her ghost from leaping into a dance macabre of preposterous proportions.

Pretty much every slander imaginable has been thrown at 'The Blood Countess'. The milder accusations are that she engaged in abduction, torture, witchcraft and sexual perversion. The harsher ones claim that she mutilated young girls and bathed in their blood (apparently believing that it would preserve her beauty). They're not the kinds of things that you'd want to read over the breakfast table. Conservative estimates suggest that Bathory was responsible for the deaths of fifty girls, although some witnesses claimed that her victims ran into the hundreds. Several accomplices were involved, including one of the most unpleasant dwarves to have emerged from the pages of history, a highly unsavoury character named Ficko.

Above: The ruins of Castle Cachtice in northern Slovakia. It was here that Bathory committed many of her crimes, and where she was eventually arrested on December 29th, 1610

Unsurprisingly, the basics of the Bathory tale have provided plenty of fodder for chroniclers and balladeers. The bloody Bathory myth has had several centuries to snowball as it rolled down the Slovakian slopes into the Western imagination. Indeed, it's perhaps only those not so charming chaps Ivan the Terrible and Vlad the Impaler who can rival the Countess in the East European villain stakes. A favourite of the Hammer House of Horror, Bathory has inspired dozens of movies of dubious merit, and in 2007, two more producers threw their hats into the ring. In light of all this gothic embroidery, the job of separating fact from fiction is a fairly hefty one.

The Life of Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory (Erzebet Bathory) was born in August 1560 into one of the grandest Hungarian families. Owing to defeat at the hands of the Turks forty years earlier, Hungary had been absorbed into the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires. Nevertheless, Hungarian Transylvania clung on to independence, and one branch of the Bathorys managed to secure the throne of that land. Later, in 1572, Stefan Bathory was elected King of Poland.

Elizabeth Bathory was technically a subject of the Habsburg crown. Her family lands, dotted across today's Slovakia, were part of the 'Kingdom of Hungary' that was absorbed by the Habsburgs in 1536. That said, families of her stature could pretty much do as they wished provided that they were not overtly disloyal to the crown. This partly explains why the authorities were so slow to investigate Bathory's crimes.

The young Countess was educated to be conversant in many languages. However, childhood was not a drawn out affair. Bathory was married off young, as was the custom, to a nobleman named Ferenc Nadasdy. Her main home then became Cachtice Castle, about 100 kilometres northeast of Bratislava. She was 15 at the time. Three years later Bathory's husband was proclaimed Chief Commander of the Hungarian troops, and he had to spend much of his time campaigning against the Turk. This gave the Countess a free rein - effectively she was answerable to no one for miles around.

Can anything vaguely normal be said about 'the Blood Countess' before the catalogue of criminality is rolled out? Well, she did manage to give birth to a son, Paul, and three daughters, who as far as we know, were not deranged serial killers. And letters reveal that she used her power to intervene on behalf of Hungarian war widows who had fallen into dire straits. However, it's unlikely that St. Peter would consider such acts redeeming in the light of the charges laid against her.

Witnesses testified that Bathory's favourite ruse was letting it be known that work was on offer. For miles around, most of the village dwellers were her own personal serfs with little in the way of rights. However, for a Slovakian peasant girl, the offer of work at a castle was nothing to be sniffed at. The Countess had properties dotted about Hungary and Austria, and she often travelled to Vienna and elsewhere. It was similar to entering service in a princess's court. (However, court witnesses later revealed that Bathory killed women just about anywhere and everywhere, regardless of where she was headed).

Historians claim that the Countess got embroiled with a host of sinister characters. The kinds of women that might have been burnt as witches by other nobles were especially sought after by Bathory. It has been suggested that the Countess had a relationship with one of these witches, a woman by the name of Darvula, who is said to have helped commit the crimes.

Official complaints started to come in in 1602 when the Lutheran priest Istvan Magyari lodged papers in Vienna. Two years later the Countess's husband died while away on campaign - reports vary as to whether he fell in battle, was assassinated or died from a disease picked up from a prostitute. Whatever it was, the complaints continued grow against Elizabeth Bathory in the following years.

After about eight years of turning a blind eye, an investigation was launched. This followed much toing and froing between Bathory's extended family, who were desperate to avoid being tarnished by such a twisted brush. It seems that the decisive factor was that well-born girls had begun to fall victim to the Countess. Bathory had set up a sort of finishing school for the daughters of the lesser gentry, teaching them courtly etiquette. When well-born ladies started to go amiss, time was up for Bathory.

On December 29th 1610, Count Gyorgy Thurzo burst into Cachtice Castle following an order to investigate from King Mathias himself. Two slain women were tracked down and several more were relieved, gaining what was a belated, but no doubt the best Christmas present they'd ever had. Bathory herself was arrested, along with several accomplices.

Trial and Demise


not shown

I was wondering, do you know if the Countess Elizabeth Bathory had any grand children or great grandchildren and great great grandchildren?

Reply Jan 10th, 2018
Jennefer Poole Bullock
United States

Wanted to see if my family's secret is real

Reply Dec 4th, 2017

guys what the hell she killed more that 650 people how do you guys stand up for this psychotic

Reply Dec 3rd, 2017
United States

Allegedly and the number is between 30 and 600 . That is quite the discrepancy. I personally think Bathory was innocent. She was a woman and the richest in Europe, sole owner of the family estates and most importantly the debt owed . She was also a Protestant surrounded by very powerful Catholics, in fact those who controlled her case were all Catholic. There was no trial. Some of the official charges include fornicating with the Devil. The list goes of reasons to doubt her quilt. It's likely she was innocent.

Reply Dec 10th, 2017
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I personally adore bathory...She was a kind, caring mother to the children that survived their first years. Yes she was a little nutty, but she was a kind woman. She fell into a major depressive state after her husband died and most of the murders were committed by not saying she's a victim but she's not a stand up person either

Reply Jan 29th, 2017
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Have just started studying the history of Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Have seen several comments that she escaped her prison and went to America? Since she died in 1614 and the pilgrims only first landed in the country now known as America in 1620 after a 66 day sea journey - how does that jive with Elizabeth escaping to America?

Reply Jan 15th, 2017
New Zealand

This story really intrigues me. not only does others have their own opinions but some think shes a VICTIM. i do think her ways of "Healing" were stupid, and her action kinda spoke louder then words but i can't exactly say shes a bad person since nobody really knows the real story.

Reply Nov 28th, 2016
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Terrible stuff.

Reply Aug 12th, 2016
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If she had a bathtub, she would have needed at least three girls' worth of blood to fill it like a normal tub of water

Reply Feb 18th, 2016
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I am a descendant of the Bathory clan

Reply Dec 16th, 2015

Anyone out there that can prove being descedent?

Reply Sep 14th, 2015
United Kingdom

You have to understand, the King is greatly in debt to Bathory. The crown does not want to pay so after the her husbands death, she was left vulnerable and they set her up.. Learn to think critically.. Even now, not all details are written in history books..

Reply Jul 14th, 2015

You don't know the truth about what happened. I actually really like Elizabeth. Weirdly enough my last name is Bathory for real. I have always wanted to be like her and I don't give a fucking damn shit what anyone else thinks.

Reply Jun 21st, 2015
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I you must be amazing

Reply Jul 13th, 2015
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So you want to be a beautiful murderous killer? Sounds like a shitty life goal to me.

Reply Feb 6th, 2016
michaiel Benson
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I think that all of you are f***ing lame. Its a god damn story. so what if its not true, everybody has there own believes about the story. Most of all nobody I mean nobody really knows what happened. So do your self a f***ing favor and leave this guy alone and quit dissing on this person. Go f*** Yourselves. and I know my grammar and English are off but I don't give a f*** .

Reply May 31st, 2015

Nobody really know what happened? Maybe ask a Hungarian historian? Lol. Most of people here write about what they think of Elisabeth, no one means to diss the author but legends and ignorant people. It is you who is lame. Comments are comments. You don't have to like them. Haha, btw using vulgar words makes you even more lame.

Reply Jun 4th, 2015
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i did not like this it was horrible have a bad day bye

Reply Feb 12th, 2015

It is funny to hear this silly thing about Elisabeth moving to America. Yeah, sure! Everyone moves to America! If to you want to know the real story you should ask locals in Hungary or Slovakia or read original texts about her. Not English translations or books written by people who even never been to Hungary/Slovakia. BTW, Bathory family is loved in Poland, we learn about them at history classes. Especially our king Stefan Batory. My history teacher also states that Elizabeth was not a killer. She was tricked into it because she held too much control.

Reply Jan 11th, 2015
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its sickening how people say she is a victim. SHE KILLED hundreds of girls, don't tell because she had a hard early life,that she was a victim. She was sick. She was smart and clever, yes. In a man's world, yes. went through hard times, yes. But who doesn't go through hard times. Millions of girls go through worse than her every day. from getting married at 7 to getting raped, molested, beaten and they don't end up killing others. Don't justify her action you idiots, and don't defend her like she is this great villian that is just misunderstood.

Reply Dec 30th, 2014
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YES!!!!! I kinda wish that she was murdered the way that she murdered the girls.

Reply Feb 6th, 2016
United Kingdom

Countess Erzsebet Bathory was centuries ahead of her time. One day the truth will be known. Rest in peace my Lady.

Reply Nov 30th, 2014
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Hi! I'd like to say that she was indeed one of the victims though people would like to make her out to be a huge monster. She got pregnet at 15 by a peasent boy and for that she had to have him killed while she watched then she was told she had to marry someone she had absoulutly no love for (this would make me bonkers) and then she had experiences with witchcraft. Yes, even though she had done horrible things you really should feel sorry for her she went through so much that I can't even imagine. Oh and did the artical say that she was locked up in her tower waiting for death for days and days on end.

Reply Jul 6th, 2014
Hong Kong

i heard of her before from my cousin,quite scary assasinator

Reply May 25th, 2014
United States

i wonder if there are any descendants of her today

Reply Jan 19th, 2014

I'm in search of distant relatives, my grandfather (Batori) fled from Croatia during WW2. I'm quite far away, but I am returning to my mothers country so I am quite excited to catch up with other Batori's/Bathory's etc. My grandfather had a lot of brothers, so wooo this will be fun :)

Reply Nov 27th, 2013
United States

I heard of Elisabeth but I need to see if I'm related in any way.

Reply Sep 16th, 2013

a,misunderstood history..she was the wiktim.! In a time,(as to day)- a mans world! But in a much diffrent violent to say WHO to be king or not.At that time fantasy and dream werely came together. evedens was as Jack the ripper.wery poor.She was sat off the throne , i think.

Reply Aug 27th, 2013
United States

I been looking up facts about her cause it was said in a movie that she killed little girls to make herself feel pretty and to me that's just fucked up! then i saw a fact that caught my eye and it said she surffered from chronical illness that messed up her child hood. but it dosen't matter! killing 650 girls cause she felt ugly thats just mean,and wicked! i hope she's in hell burning! cause there's no way she's in heaven with her fucking self. RIP. TO THOSE GIRLS WHO DIED :*(

Reply Jul 22nd, 2013


Reply Jan 24th, 2015

Hi . My opinion about the Countess Bathory is that she was a really god mother and wife . She had either a mental illness or she really though she could drink blood from young virgins and still be beautiful and young . I believe that she made her choice about what she wanted in her life . She did wrong by killing young women but she did not saw it that way and I understand the way she though because some of us do want to stay young and beautiful forever . She was really beautiful . She made a mistake by killing women and she had to pay for her crimes and there is no other way for her to redeem herself .

Reply Jun 11th, 2013
D Dawg

Rejoice. She's probably burning in hell for eternity. Nobody needs to care about or remember worthless sub-human scum like this.

Reply Mar 29th, 2013
United States

Please buy the books by Kimberly L. Craft on Bathory. She is a lawyer who spent almost a decade researching the Bathory myth. Her works are factual and amazing.

Reply Feb 26th, 2013
United States

History was written wrong. She did not die there. She escaped to America when they stormed the castle. The accomplices were caught, but not her. In America, she died when she caught picking little girls off the streets and draining them dry of their blood and then bathe in it. Trust me, i know. One of my ancestors was there when she was caught.

Reply Jan 14th, 2013

i am very interested with Elizabeth bathory because she's a picture of a very powerful woman of her time, though she used it in A WRONG WAY. So, if she managed to escape from her imprisonment and went her way to USA, that explains one of the writings stating that her body was not found anywhere in the castle after her supposed death...hmmm...

Reply May 18th, 2014
United States

this is really interesting. I wish there was more evidence and information about her descendants. email me please if you have info

Reply Nov 30th, 2014

It is a ridiculous lie. Everyone who believes it must be out of mind. People, do not let yourselves be fooled by idiots. Elizabeth never moved to America. I bet that those who say such things can't even show Hungary or Slovakia on the map.

Reply Jan 11th, 2015

I forgot to add that i don't believe anyone on this forum who tries to claim to be Elizabeth bathory descendant.Yes, there are many of her descendants living in Europe (especially in Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Romania, etc.) and also in the US.but i very much doubt some of them would be able to write such comments as I found here.sorry.

Reply Jan 4th, 2013

I live only about 120 km from the Cachtice Castle (Csejte Castle in Hungarian language) where Elizabeth Bathory lived an died.Do not believe everything what was written and recorded about her murders.400 years ago the world was cruel, greed too high and it was obvious that such a wealthy widow (protestant) will be sooner or later attacked indirectly to lose all.Witchcraft brought to death thousands of innocent people.stupid stories about 600 murders, blood bath etc. were just made up to get rid of Elizabeth.She certainly wasn't any angel and she could show signs of some strange personality.Hot tempered, masochist, i said the middle ages were cruel.but def. she wasn't anything of what she was accused was a pure conspiracy against her.there is no proper proof of any murders, tortures and blood drinking and bathing.Just like stories about Vlad Tepes.Character of Count Dracula is miles from being true about Vlad.

Reply Jan 4th, 2013

Exactly! I agree with you! People from the West only see her as a "vampire" or murderer but they know nothing about history of Eastern Europe. They just repeat what others say. The same with Vlad Ţepeş who is a National hero of Romania, in fact. No texts mentions him as a vampire.

Reply Jan 11th, 2015
United States

Dear Darina, Hello, we are students working on a research project for school on Elizabeth Bathory. After reading your comment about being a relative of Bathory, we were wondering if you could answer the following questions. 1.) Do you have any evidence of her diary? 2.) Just to clarify, was her birth place in Trannsylvania or in Nyirbator in Hungary? 3.) Is her obsession with blood related to remaining to stay young and beautiful or did she just insist on killing people. Have you heard of anything else? 4.) What about her do you think shows her leadership? 5.) In your opinion, what kind of legacy did Bathory leave behind? p.s. We would appreciate it if you gave us an e-mail to contact you Thank you

Reply Feb 5th, 2015

The Real truth,is that nowone realy now the truth about 500 years history!.Yes you all have an idear!-but all from internet,an so on!.lol!! Ps,An to you about the new bathory film-dont no if you saw a bad cut-film-but you see her last days in tower,where she bid her rist over and ficktion. What tower did she died in? what ruin today?

Reply Sep 25th, 2012
United States

Pure Bullshit! Show me the data to prove such a wild claim! They probably wanted her land and needed crazy charges to take possession of it.

Reply Jul 7th, 2012
United States

Agree with you, Harry!

Reply Jan 4th, 2017
United States

I agree. Also very powerful people owed her money and didn't want to pay.

Reply Dec 10th, 2017

Porque la condesa bathory no llega a Buenos Aires Argentina. su historia, su cultura y el pais en que vivia

Reply Apr 2nd, 2012
United States

I wrote a paper on Elizabeth bathory in high school and from the info I got from books and the internet she supposedly had a kid with a peasant before she was married at 15 and her family gave the baby up for adoption because the babys dad and also they kept it a secret because she was engaged at the time, but then again this was like 400 or 500 years ago so who really knows the truth, but it is an interesting story!

Reply Mar 27th, 2012
United Kingdom

Is is a real story. There is countless evidance that sshe murdered 650 young women in order to improve her complexion. She save really pretty girls to drink their blod and died while on house arrest. If you don't believe look up her biography. She created countless torture devices too!

Reply Feb 22nd, 2012
United States

Really? Countless evidence you say? Where pray tell did you find this, because SCHOLARS have been unable to locate such evidence. I can always tell those who read her Wikipedia page and are "experts" on Bathory. Was Bathory a saint? Not by any means, BUT neither was ANY noble back in that time. Even Thurzo, the one who "discovered" all these girls was one of the cruelest of them all. -There is no mention (from any credible source) that she ever drank the blood. -The sheer physics of attempting to fill a tub with blood to bathe in, is impossible. By the time the tub was full the blood would have coagulated. -650? That number was received through torture. As were all these "eye witness" testimonies. Most of the records from the trial were confirmed "stories" they had heard. No one ever saw Bathory do any of these acts for them self. There was mention of a journal to which she wrote the name of every victim, but this book was NEVER found. She did have a mental disorder and was prone to fits of rage, but I don't believe she killed 650 girls. I believe she was framed. Here is why. 1. She was a very powerful woman of the highest noble family in Hungary at the time. (FYI Thurzo, the one who turned her in, sought Bathory's hand after the death of her husband, but marrying him would be beneath her station.. keep this in mind) 2. She was a very intelligent woman, more so than a lot of the men of that time. Even to include her husband. 3. And most importantly she was a very wealthy woman. King Mathias owed the Bathory family a lot of money, however if convicted his slate was wiped clean. He owed nothing to her or her children. A female with Power, Intelligence, and Money? A king indebted to her? Sounds like enough of a reason to convict someone back then.

Reply Aug 15th, 2013
United States

I think Cindy kinda won this argument. Still a very interesting piece of folklore if you mean the myth

Reply Nov 30th, 2014
Kimberly T.
United States

I think that this story is amazing. Its interesting and it pulls you in cause you want more. I think it lacks some info.. but the person who typed this did a good job. Im no professor just a high school student, but i might do one of my speeches on this subject of matter.

Reply Dec 21st, 2011
United States

I like the "outline" of her life, but it is very basic. But history is very basic. We cant prove a thing. We did not live her life. My god she was 15 when she was forced to be an adult. And true, "she Is a witch" That has been played and played, until... Im sorry I dozed off. women were cattle, men were Gods. Land was everything, and money can make very good wittneses

Reply Dec 12th, 2011
Donovan Blair
United States

I think the story lacks evidence I need more proof in order to believe it My opinion is its just a scary story to scare kids

Reply Dec 5th, 2011
United States

It is refreshing to see this essay. For hundreds of years, gullible sheep have swallowed the story whole. What it reminds me of most is the allegations of witchcraft during the same period: thousands of women--and men--were tortured, "confessed," had wild stories told about them, and were burned alive by governments. Today we don't believe in witchcraft--so we know those were all lies. Why do we not suspect this about the Countess Bathory incident? The real story may have been that this widowed do-gooder took in and protected too many female victims of assault, rape, and attempted murder, the king owed her too much money, and she knew the secrets of too many aristocrats. It is significant that the rumors and the accusations didn't start until AFTER she was widowed. What if she WAS innocent? Then the accusations, the tortures and deaths of her friends, and her own brutal imprisonment were a tragedy of unspeakable proportions. Shame on the mobs who continue to this day to believe everything which they are spoonfed.

Reply Nov 1st, 2011
Colet A

Scary to see some of the reactions here . Discomforting that most of u are getting off on the idea being related to a psycho .Actually I think its sad and kind a gives ur level of intelligence away doesn't it ? (Just wondering seeing a lot of u are turning her in to a heroine ) I find her most interresting too for various reasons but lets not forget what she is . Might as wel put every other murderer on a pedestal too . this is ridiculous .

Reply Oct 19th, 2011
United States

One last thing Erzebet Bathory was never convicted of anything. Mathais was attempting to have her tried for 80 murders. Thurzo, her son Paul, and son in law prevented it, had herplaced her first under house arrest then eventually was walled up in her home at Csejthe. Though she was stripped of her title, Thurzo who was her cousin, Paul, and Nicklos managed to retain the Bathory fortune. As part of the bargain, Mathais debt was relieved.

Reply Oct 7th, 2011
United States

I recommend everyone expand their resources beyond Wikipedia. It is sad that all the info isn't in one place Bathory and her accomplices murdered hundreds between 1585 - 1610. Nobility at the time could get away with murder. As long as the victims "didn't count." This includes a multitude of abuses toward servants which were a common practice at the time. King Mathias II owed Nadasdy a lot of money in both loans & wages. Money he could not pay back. Even after Ferencz death the debt ought to have been paid to Elizabeth. This made Magyari's complaints "convenient." Note to the author: keep investigating and expand the biography please!

Reply Oct 7th, 2011
United States

All information gathered against the Countess was gathered under torture. The King owed her family money. The Catholics were trying to get rid of the Protestants (bathory's were protestants) You didn't do very much research, you just regurgitated the info that everyone else can find on their own. How about you actually do some real research... you told one side of the story which is 400 years old....

Reply Aug 31st, 2011
United States

Great article...very informative and non-biased. However, though her crimes were real and backed up by over 300 witnesses the one question most in doubt is her "blood baths" and whether they occured or not. Court testimony proves that though a bath of blood did not occur, she did sit on a stool beneath a cage lined with spikes and holding a nude girl while shouting obsceneties and enjoying a "blood shower". Since such atrocities were considered witchcraft it was covered up by her family to lessen the severity of the sentence. As it was, she was convicted of "inhuman cruelty" instead of being burned at the stake as was her accomplises. I also cannot see the point of her Ladyship switching to the lesser nobility unless it was to "bathe" in blue blood, as the "poor" blood had not done anything to slow her aging.

Reply Jul 17th, 2011

It's funny how so many people seemed to be related to Elizabeth in the comment section! Astonishing really. I'm doing an essay on Elizabeth at the moment, proving that Elizabeth is a true villain in our history though I do have some compassion for the woman. Also, some people below mentioned that Elizabeth never bore any children.. Elizabeth firstly had a child to a peasant man which was given away when Elizabeth was 14 years old. With her husband, she had five children though two of them died early and only the three (two daughters and a son) were recorded throughout history. Great article!

Reply Jun 5th, 2011

Just watched the Bathory movie, with Anna Friel. It made her out to be the unfortunate victim of greed and that she was framed for the murders. The movie didn't even end with her being imprisoned. Personally I felt a bit cheated. The true story is probably somewhere in between the two extremes. There was definitely good reason for Gyorgy Furzo (and the King)to take possession of her lands and have their debts forgiven. Sadly we will never know the true story, which will remain a fascination of history.

Reply May 9th, 2011
United States

i really dnt see one women doing that. she could of but wheres the proof? exactly! and just because she was friends with a women doesnt mean there was a relationship!really? i think she was set up by someone or she knew who the real murderer was and didnt say!alas we will never know!....

Reply Apr 23rd, 2011

i think that people need to stop fighting over it because no one nows what is true because it was long ago everyone is just wasting there time fighting over it no one will ever now what really happened unless some one invents time travel

Reply Apr 20th, 2011
United States

I'm doing this topic for a research paper and after reading about twenty website papges with about the same information about the crimes Elizabeth Bathory supposedly committed, I'm having trouble finding information about the possibility of Bathory being innocent. The information provided here is great, but it is one-sided and the other side is what I would like to have. So far I've found only two websites that mention that she is innocent (one being a brief sentence in wikipedia and the other being an unreliable source that talks about how the information about Bathory's alleged crimes were coming from biased sources). I would like to know about the possibility that Bathory was convicted of the crimes because of her religion, or politics, or was she at the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught up with a conspiracy. I personally do not have an opinion if she is guilty or innocent, but I would like there to be more information that tells both sides of the story so readers can decide and students, like me, can use the information given to write a research paper. If anybody knows of such a website with the information I need please direct me to it. Another note: this page could have so much more information about the side of the story it does tell. It could mention the various ways the victimns were tortured in more detail, it could mention that the testimonies given about Bathory were received under methods of torture and could be exaggerated, it could talk a little more about the various possibilities of what the actual number of victimns were, and etc. This website is like a summary compared to everything else I've read. It's still a reliable resource in my opinion.

Reply Mar 14th, 2011
United States

Wow! interesting i must say, but after reading these comments, it seems like half the world are related to Elizabeth Bathory, and how do you know if your related to her or not

Reply Mar 11th, 2011
United States

Amazing story but not enough evidence to say guilty or inoccent. How can you love or hate someone you know nothing about? People need to stop idolizing a story.

Reply Mar 7th, 2011
United States

Excuse me bj moore, bathory barred 3 children with her husband. One son, and two daughters. Her son wrote a letter to the courts begging for her pardon and that letter to this day is held in the hungary historical society

Reply Jan 10th, 2011
sandy C
United States

I don't think anyone really knows the truth except Elizabeth and God. But I'm sure I'm related to her also. Probably a great, great, great, great, cousin or something.

Reply Dec 31st, 2010
United States

I love everything bout elizabeth bathory. she was a sick person but awesome 2 learn bout. i saw dis movie "stay alive" and it had elizabeth bathory

Reply Oct 29th, 2010

Lizzie B. is one crazed fruit loop and I pray that God has mercy on her soul. This woman has serious metal health issues. A lesson to be learned from the countess, you cant change what is eventually going to happen. We all gotta go.

Reply Oct 27th, 2010
B.J. Moore

Interesting for anyone to claim "heir" to a woman who had no children! [#8 especially]Having a child would have ruined her figure and beauty. Perhaps you missed the part where she MURDERED young women for their blood. Would in the name of stupid, do you think she would do with an infant! How very, very sad to think that an inbred, sadistic woman [or man for that matter] is in anyway a Heroine/hero. Grow-up, get an education and stop watching Jerry Springer! Thanks goodness Canadians' never lower themselves to this level of mud wallowing.

Reply Oct 25th, 2010
United Kingdom

First of all, all the American comments claiming to be the descendant of Erzsébet Báthory should prove their claims or stop lying. I can prove that one of my best friends is a TRUE DIRECT descendant of the Countess through DNA matches. Erzsébet Báthory was not a murderess, the trial was not legal and the evidence was primarily rumours and hearsay cooked up to give Thurzo a reason/justification to gain the Countess' lands and wealth. She was simply the victim of greed and power amongst the nobility of the region. Also the Habsburgs wanted a Catholic Habsburg bastion against the Ottoman Turks and Erzsébet Báthory, being a woman and a Protestant, proved to be an obstacle needing removing, so the charges of witchcraft and bathing in blood were created to this end. Thanks to her accusors, Countess Erzsébet Báthory has become eternally linked to vampires and murder. I feel nothing but pity and sorrow that she was treated harshly and ostracised. My friend's family is proud of her ability to look after the lands she controlled and are angry at those who wish to get attention by leeching onto the lady, who in my eyes, was more important to Hungary than the Habsburgs because she proved that being a woman did not mean that she couldn't do a man's job. Rest in peace Erzsébet Báthory. For those of you who are going to call me sick for supporting Erzsébet Báthory, why don't you look through the lies and the smoke and see the truth about her. It will really make you see the real Erzsébet Báthory and her true legacy.

Reply Sep 24th, 2010
United States

Is it just me, or has it struck everyone else that pretty much everyone fascinated with this woman has major spelling and grammatical challenges? I wonder if the facts are by any chance related?

Reply Sep 16th, 2010
Garry Sanders
United Kingdom

Looking at both sides of the coin, i think that the countess was stitch up by the king. May god bless her, and he rot in hell. Love you lots Liz.X

Reply Aug 20th, 2010
Richard IV
United Kingdom

I think All your accusation to Elizabeth Bathory is not true.she's a good mother to her child...she's fashionate,she loves nature and she loves GOD....she's a good person....for me Elizabeth beeng a single mother ,,she cant do nomore power and influense outside her castle.for me they forced Elizabeth to bring her down and destroy.For me ...I think all the evidence is fake and manipulated.and for me i think the one who manipulated is also in the higher possision of there goverment in that time.all the witness they killed sentense to death."dead man can't sing a story"so they sentence to death....dont just look to the cover of the book then shoot.much better find out what is real and the true consiquence...Elizabeth Bathory is a good person ,shes a good mother and shes a good leader of her people...and the last she love good.she has a fear in GOD so she cant do all the accusation to her.Now all of you think now !

Reply Aug 1st, 2010
Jesse S.
United States

what she did was horribly wrong. but weirdly i have to forgive her cause she is family.

Reply Jul 27th, 2010
United Kingdom

i cant believe some of the comments on this page. i think most of you live in a fantasy world it seems half of america think they are related to this woman, not something i would be proud of.

Reply Jun 14th, 2010
United States

I'm glad that Elizabeth Bathory is NOT alive today.

Reply May 11th, 2010
United States

Those without sin, cast the first stone! This woman had a reason for her actions and in that day and time it was normal. Just to let you know that ancestors of this woman moved to the United States and went by the name Bathrow and later Ponthieux. Stop your cruel remarks cause you know nothing of this woman. She was not a christian but a Spiritual woman. She was also passionate and she is to this day respected by her family. May she rest in peace!

Reply Apr 16th, 2010
United States

she is my great great great great aunt

Reply Apr 12th, 2010
United Kingdom

Lizzie B is amazing only 2nd to Vlad. her only fault was that she killed women instead of men

Reply Apr 5th, 2010
United States

wow it's just gross isn't it

Reply Mar 20th, 2010
United States

my point is im fascinated with her and how she could do such a thing my mothers side of my family is from bratislava and thought since i look like her and was born the same day she died that im her reincarnation but im not worried about it i just stare into her pictures an think what luck i have that im not like here

Reply Mar 10th, 2010
Nik & Tam
Trinidad And Tobago

I admit that the story is fascinating , however knowing that this is true makes Elizabeth of Bathory a sick and disgusting woman as well as all her disciples. Katarina and Elizabeth should have been tortured as they did their victims.

Reply Jan 26th, 2010

My point goes firstly to the film maker herself, Julie who did a great artistic introspective, enough satisfied to the historical side of a story, a deep connaissance of a personality of nobless and aristocracy. Secondly I would like to declare that some of the comments above (from Argentina, par exp.) strongly expresses human's stupidity of unconcious and incapacity of a perspective that needs a deep view. Thirdly my feelings and intuitive side tells that the countess was a victim of people's jelousy, lies, possessions, hunger, etc. She WAS a real nobel, an intelligence and its incarnation, a beautiful woman and she BECAME an example of a cruelity which is easily recognized by the chain of her life events. I think the view could not be eaily seen, but understood. We still, thanks God, have good films that needs an intellectual perception and not just "coke-and-a popcorn-visitors"... Thanks, Julie.

Reply Jan 7th, 2010
United States

There is still so much to know before taking a side. Elizabeth Bathory has been dead for many years and the story behind what truly happened was most likely altered through time into great great scary stories to tell around the camp fire. If This is what she and her servants did to these girls than yes she has done horrible things but I have read many stories where normal everyday people have done worse crimes for example John Wayne Gacy, Jr was a serial killer in the 1900s who had two lives one was a great business man and loving father and the other was a deranged man who kiddnaped 30 year old men, drugged them, rapped them,killed them, and then cut them up and hid them under his floor boards and nobody even knows his name. So before we can start saying look this girlwho we cant acturly prove killed up to 50 people and the rumers that were spread up to 600 or more people and say your evil burn in hell if we cant even look at the killers today and remember there their names after watching the daily news channel. Its just plain stuipidy

Reply Dec 14th, 2009
United States

Ok people, lets all keep in mind that this happened close to 400 years ago.. The facts and what really happened have been tainted with time and cruel people.. I agree, she probably did do some grizzly things, but back than where she was from, this was normal. I believe that it was purely political and they wanted her enormous wealth and lands...

Reply Nov 4th, 2009
United States

Elizabeth Bathory is for me, an enigma. I can argue all of the evidence both ways... towards her guild or toward her innocence. On the one hand, the testimony from the servants is useless in its entirety. They were tortured beyond the standards even of sixteenth century Europe to obtain confessions. Many of the things in their confessions are ridiculous by modern standards; satan apparently sat in her lap, she had the power to call 99 cats to defend her against all comers, etc ad nauseum. The reports of the people who arrested her are conflictory; on the one hand some of them claim there was nothing unusual at the castle. On the other hand, there were reports (from the same group of people) that there were multiple young girls in various and sundry states of torture and decomposition. It is hard to say which is true. The "bathing in blood" thing is absolutely unbelievable, given the amount of blood it would require to fill a bath tub and the fact that it was never even mentioned until a hundred years after the fact. Some of the charges against her seem almost consistent with her innocence. It has been suggested that she had actually tried to help several young girls who were afflicted by various diseases and illnesses. The part about freezing them in the winter might well be consistent with tactics then used to reduce fever. Bathory was also accused of "engaging in surgery", from the perspective of sadistic torture, yet it would be consistent with trying to deal with complications of some then prominent illness. Likewise, bloodletting was commonly practiced at that time in order to heal the sick. Each of these things might easily have been exaggerated by a zealous prosecutor, free to engage of torture of the witnesses, into something far more heinous than it actually was. Bathory was a Protestant woman living in a Catholic Kingdom. She was owed a significant debt by the King. These factors make her the perfect victim of a lynching brought about for political purposes. Red accounts of other witch trials and accusations and you will find that many innocent people faced horrible ordeals at the hands of the authorities, often brought about by political motivations far less important than hers. I am not sure that the woman was truly innocent, but I am far from certain that she was guilty either. One of the great travesties in history is that we sometimes tend to blame victims of social injustice rather than learn the truth. In the case of Elizabeth bathory, we will never know for certain whether she was a victim or monster. However, the charges laid at her door are far enough outside the realm of normalcy that they should certainly be eyed with at least a modicum of skepticism.

Reply Oct 5th, 2009
United States

I've been searching all over to find proof of a connection between Vlad Dracul and Elizabeth Bathory. People keep saying Stephen aided Vlad in regaining his throne. Well, she had a cousin Stephen, born in 1533, and Vlad died in 1476; her uncle, Stephen's father, was ALSO Stephen, and he was born in 1477, still not back far enough. So are we saying there are three generations of Stephens, all were lucky enough to become royalty, and Elizabeth's great great uncle aided Vlad Dracul in battle, or are we just trying desperately to fit two people who have similar interests together that lived a hundred years apart?

Reply Aug 3rd, 2009
United States

Im related to Elizabeth Bathory

Reply Jul 16th, 2009

I am related to Elizabeth The blood bathing may have worked I do not age like others :D and yes the rest of my family look young too..

Reply Jun 10th, 2009
United States

well i think she was cool kind of i men ive never heard of someone who has killed sooo many people for so long without geeting caught for so long she was good but i think the only way we will truly ever know the truth about her is to ask her ourselves

Reply Jun 8th, 2009
anthony sanchez
United States

well my opinion was she was brought up the way she is . ive read many bio's about the countess and her family was sick and twisted like her obviously when she was a child she whitnessed many things so this made her who shes was a sick twisted bitch

Reply Apr 17th, 2009
Diana Luna
United States

I think Countess Elizabeth Bathory is not a crazy person she just wanted to look beautiful i guess she needed love and have somebody tell her she was beautiful. Afther her husband died she didnt had much of attention thats why. But i dnt blame her. But it was wrong killing over 600 women or girls, she would at least find something else that makes her skin smooth. But it was wrong choice of punishment for Elizabeth they would at least try to make everthing right. Not just lock her up in a tower, poor lady i wonder what she did inside of her room not even touching the food. And poor child had suffered for not having a mother or a father there to take care of him.

Reply Apr 15th, 2009
Samantha Ringer
United States

I honestly think that Countess Elizabeth is fasinating! she is so intriguing the way that her mind worked, i love it! She is honestly amazing to me, i mean wat she did was unforgivable, but than again, fasinating

Reply Apr 7th, 2009
United States

What other "stories", or "Myths" are there that are as sick and ill as this story??

Reply Mar 7th, 2009
United Kingdom

i can say that, elizabeth gives a vibrant turning point;in such a way, that this lady stretch away our perception of western nobility that is humane,educated,strict upholding and very meticulated point of view in self presentation,(for them,carry their own family name)into what! a very horrific,paranormalise,awful,unearthly tortured way that only a psychotic,having a obsession in blood or what we call psychological vampirism that can be rooted deeply in childhood years( maybe because in his childhood years, thre family was in a battle againts turks, that makes her EXPOSED in blood as a sign of victory and reverence),in bloodline sickness(malajustment that can be past genetically.. but in our own imagination of superb human or elemental realms with or without any identical facts, this story give us chill and tickles our mind.importantly, this gives us idea that there is possibility in our world that no one can give a relevant answer in order to give clariffication in the centerde issue.

Reply Feb 22nd, 2009
United States

I think she is interesting, Not interesting as in I want to marry her or any of the ridiculous stuff anyone else wants to do, but interesting in the fact that hearing about the stories of her burning the girls(down below) that she tortured with a candle flame or tearing chunks of the flesh from their faces off, and in one instance making one of her victims cook and devour a strip of the victim's own flesh, it just really makes you think what was she thinking what was going on in her head. On other occasions servants handled her dirty work, while Erzsebet yelled "More, More Still, harder still", until she was overwhelmed with excitement, and fainted into unconsciousness on the floor,It seems as if she got some kind of orgasmic pleasure out of seeing people Writh in pain, To me What went on in this women's mind is enough to write million's of books. Although I DO NOT think it is wise to have her as an idol, The people who seem to worship her just want attention, in a way that attention should not be sought, get a life seriously

Reply Jan 31st, 2009
United States

Its been proven through many historical documents and family documentation that Elizabeth did kill many of the servant girls working for her.Through the years historians believe that she herself was from a young age to be very transfixed by blood and vanity.There was an early account of her as a child killing her families pets as a form of amusement.Her family records prove it.

Reply Jan 11th, 2009
United States

the human body contains six quarts of blood.which totals about 1.5 fluid would take several people completely drained to fill a bath tub of those days. Research my friend Research.

Reply Jan 11th, 2009

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