Bratislava Weather

What's the weather in Bratislava like?

Bratislava is only a tad to the east of Vienna, so there's no need to pack ten bearskin jackets, items that can come in handy if you're wintering in cities such as Krakow or Lviv. Bratislava is generally not host to outrageously extreme weather (although these days the whole of Europe seems to be subject to all kinds of meteorological madness). That said, a scattering of snow is not uncommon in Winter months, when temperatures can touch -2. Spring seems shorter these days, whilst July and August are typically the warmest months of the year, when an average day will be over the 20 C mark. Late Autumn can see a fair flow of rain here in Bratislava, but nothing torrential. All in all, the Slovakian capital is considered to belong to a mild climate zone.


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