Bratislava Restaurants

Dollops of dumplings and doom-laden dining rooms were a sobering shock to Westerners brought up with bags of choice. But as it goes, such relics of the pre-1989 world are fast becoming an extinct species. Today's travellers can enjoy the whole gastronomical gamut, from hearty local fodder to fancy fusion flavours. As usual the Old Town remains the main hunting ground for decent restaurants, but you'll also find some intriguing options elsewhere. Indeed, you can even dine in a bona fide flying saucer!

If you'd prefer to skip the restaurants and eat with a local cook at their home, Eataway is now available in Bratislava.

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at homes right across the city

1. Eataway

5 reviews
Sladkovicova 7

2. Traja Musketieri

2 reviews
Novy Most

3. Taste Restaurant UFO

7 reviews
Venturska 1

4. Camouflage

4 reviews
Hviezdoslavovo nam. 21

5. Kogo

3 reviews
Tobrucka 5

6. Pizza Mizza

1 review
Razusovu nabrezie
Namestie L. Stura 4

8. Malecon

0 reviews
Sedlarska 5

9. Tempus Fugit

0 reviews
Cesta na Kamzik 14

10. Veza Restaurant

0 reviews

Reviews about Bratislava Restaurants

Michal is an outstanding host, making you feel welcome and telling you about Slovakian culture and food. All four dishes were just delicious. Not only his Bryndzové halušky are the best you can have in town, but he also shows you how to make them. Last but not least, the atmosphere of the apartment is relaxing and Michal takes care of small details such as the playlist and the candles. Totally recommended.


Nice company and brilliant cook, what else can you ask? It was our first experience with eataway so we didn't know what to expect, the service by Michal was welcoming and friendly and the choice of dishes and environment was very cool


Michal is an amazing host and a great cook. I've been living in Bratislava for almost 2 years now, but I had never tasted such an amazing, properly cooked Slovak specialties, and I have to admit, best haluski ever! I think the secret of Michal's success is not only the fresh and genuine ingredients he uses, but above all love and passion. He accompanied us through a journey into Slovak cousine and culture, showing how to make haluski, giving tips on where to buy the best bryndza, revealing some cooking secrets and sharing anecdotes and memories. We even happened to stroke Michal's chinchilla. Delicious food and delightful company, that was a lovely evening. Thanks a lot Michal!


This was the perfect introduction to both Eataway and traditional Slovak cuisine. Michal was a fantastic host who carefully explained each dish to us and even showed us how he prepared his delicious halušky. Highly recommended to all who find themselves in Bratislava- the great care Michal puts into preparing dishes and selecting the best quality ingredients mean that this will be better than any dining experience in a restaurant, and you will leave knowing much more about Slovak cuisine and culture.


We had our first Eataway experience with Michal and we had a wonderful evening. Michal is a great host and cook who likes to share his passion and chat about all sorts of subjects. His bryndzové halušky really are the best, way better than the ones we've tasted in restaurants before. The other courses of the dinner were just as delicious!



Pizza Mizza

just amazing!

United States,
Taste Restaurant UFO

outstanding :)

Taste Restaurant UFO

Nice place :)

Taste Restaurant UFO

Wauuu, amazing :-) Great view, excelent service and extraordinary awesome food. We spend there 3 hours enjoying every piece of it :-)

Taste Restaurant UFO