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Beer (pivo) has been a much-loved beverage here since medieval times, so you won't have to wander far to find a watering hole. Come June there's an entire festival devoted to the bubbly stuff, and the nifty news is that quality is great and prices likewise. But it's not all cosy cafes and beery bars. On the contrary, Bratislava has a burgeoning club scene, so night owls can shake it up to a host of hip sounds. And yes, you can also boogie to some chart-topping cheese, just in case you're taking yourself too seriously. We'll see you in the city!

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Venturska 1

1. Trafo Music Bar

1 review
Nabrezie arm. gen. L. Svobodu, 48° 08´ 26" N, 17° 06´ 07" E

2. Subclub

6 reviews
Razusovo nabrezie

3. Cirkus Barok

12 reviews
Novy Most

4. UFO

7 reviews
Sedlarska 6

5. The Dubliner

8 reviews
Hurbanovo námestie 9, Bratislava Slovakia

6. Angels Cabaret Club

0 reviews
Baštová 3, Bratislava, Slovakia

7. Devils Cabaret Club

0 reviews

Reviews about Bratislava Bars & Clubs

Worth checking out.....

United Kingdom,


United Kingdom,
Trafo Music Bar

The only place i go out in Brat..


Great time on the boat some laugh ...Dont F44CK with the bouncers.. oh there was a lillt water on the floor think there might be a leak someplace .. class

Cirkus Barok

the food was great.. presentation of food was great...view of city,river. and sunset was great....

United States,

I would love to visited this place but because me is black the securoty punched me in the face so I could not enter and watch those beautiful women. Big disgrace!

Cirkus Barok

I live in Bratislava and don't go here much. It was okayish the few times I've been. Food is mediocre but it's relatively authentic. There are better Irish bars in Bratislava, but none are as easy to find. Note that the lad above says to avoid if you want a bit of Slovenian culture. I couldn't agree more as the pub is based in SLOVAKIA. Gotta question if he's even been there - that review would have been entirely possible from looking at the pictures. Chancer!

The Dubliner

I would argue that some reviewers have missed the point a bit here. Yes it is pricey compared to the rest of Bratislava but the restaurant UFO is a aiming a little higher than the norm. On the whole it reaches it and I would say it is comparable to a one Michelin star restaurant so not really overpriced. If you're seeing Bratislava on a budget then definitely avoid & just go for the €6.50 lift up to the viewing platform, which is pricey say compared to the Effiel Tower but I feel it would be a shame not to put it on your to do list.

United Kingdom,

I never see before, cheap bear big ass I was totally away never saw before see that boat is away... sad! Hope I see boat soon another time I really enjoyed loads of bald people but nice people will go back to Bratislava and buy boat nice time!

Cirkus Barok

Great entertainment! Beautiful girls in short skirts, I like. You don´t see that often where i live. I com from other culture, but I really appreciet those woman. One enjoy my that night, was great! She can suck pingpong ball throug a straw, amazing!

Cirkus Barok