Getting to Zakopane

Above: Fly to Zakopane

Left: Or why not go cross country?
Below: Alternatively pen a short novel in the time the train takes

By air

You can fly into Cracow's Balice Airport, but that's about as close as you're going to get to Zakopane by plane. Like most Alpine resorts, get ready for a bus or car journey into the mountains. Roadways on the weekends can be a bit crowded, but the good news is that buses leave regularly from Cracow's main train and bus station and take as little as two hours to get here.

By rail

Trains do manage to wind their way up from the valley and into Zakopane, but the journey from Cracow can take quite a long time, which is perfect if you need the rest after a long international flight or to finish that latest novel. If you need to get there a bit more quickly, grab a car or bus from Cracow instead.

By bus

Bus is by far your best bet for getting up to Zakopane. Two private lines and one PKS all leave from the main bus station (dworzec autobusowy) at regular intervals. If you're going at any civilised time of the day you will probably have to wait no longer than an hour for your next carriage. What's more they are dirt cheap - it will only cost you around 15 zloty for the two-hour trip from Cracow. If you're in a hurry you can even buy your ticket from the driver. That said advance tickets are advised in season, and there may be the odd jam on the roads.

By car

Poland has the highest road accident rate in Europe, mostly due to careless driving and some slow-changing attitudes toward drink-driving, so keep that in mind before deciding to take the car. With that warning in mind, though, we must say we've been driving for years without too much of a problem and likely you won't either if you take your time and stay vigilant. If you bring a car or rent one, you will need an international certificate of insurance cover, and possibly proof of exhaust emission control on your car. Spot checks do happen, and if you plan to visit Cracow as well as Zakopane, just remember that much of the centre is pedestrianised, or has parking restrictions. Once you get to either city, it's best to park and walk the centre. Zakopane is only about two hours away from Cracow by car and parking here is pretty straightforward compared to Cracow. In the winter remember your tyre chains and a radiator full of antifreeze.


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Rachel Edmondson from United Kingdom Reply Jan 25th, 2017

Are there any long tunnels to go through on the bus route from Kracow to Zakopane? I am claustrophobic so this a decider!

Lyle Davison from United Kingdom Reply Nov 28th, 2016

I enjoyed reading your site. Iespecially want to travel from Telford, England to Zakopane by Rail in early June, 2017. I am disabled and need to take my electric wheelchair onto the train or other transport.

mario caruana from Malta Reply Aug 15th, 2016

we {6adults} will be arriving at balice airport on 24 th august,like to go to Zakopane by bus,can you tell me how can l find the terminus at airport,will it be possible to pay the driver in cash,and will there be a space for luggages at bottom of bus or next to us ? tks for your help and we are sure that we will have a good time with polish people

Angela from United States Reply Jul 14th, 2016

My friend and I want to travel from Krakow to Zakopane in September. We will have luggage with us. Is the train or bus better? If train, i can't find a link. Can anyone help? Thanks.

putri from Netherlands Reply Feb 2nd, 2016

hi. could you please help. im going to stay in zakopane for somedays and then to you know any bus line or train from zakopane to poprad? would be happier if you give me a link so i know the schedule and where to buy the ticket online. thank you in advance.

marie from France Reply Jan 16th, 2016

hello my son is going to zakopane to Krakow airport on sunday 21st February. he has to be at the Krakow airport at (latest) 10am for an 11am flight. What time do buses start leaving Zakopane resort? seeing as the bus is about 2 hours, how long will the transfer from the bus station to the airport take? from the bus station does he need to take a bus or train to the airport? how regular is the 292 (??) bus from the bus station to the airport? and how long does it take?

Inesa from Latvia Reply Dec 22nd, 2015

We are going to Zakopane by cars on December 28. is there any snow on roads now? Is it really necessary to have a chains for wheels ??( I have read it in one review ). Is the road from Kraków to Zakopane is so bad and dangerous? Thank you for answers in advance

Michael from South Africa Reply Nov 24th, 2014

Hi guys , in Zakopane for 6,7,8 Jan 2015 , will there be snow to snowboard etc. which is the best and easiest slope etc advice on a Krakow visiting Auschwitz, Salt Mine ,Schindlers etc

helen from United Kingdom Reply Jan 25th, 2014

We are planning to hire cars in krakow and drive first to kielce then to zacopane mid February. We have been told the road to zacopane is dangerous in the snow and would like to know if anyone has experience of this journey?

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Jan 27th, 2013

Hello Hayley, buses are running only from Katowice airport to Cracow bus station at that late hour 11pm. Then, you may wait in Cracow bus station for the first bus to Zakopane: Or you may wait the first bus from Katowice airport to Zakopane, leaving Katowice bus station at 2.45 am .30 PLN. Otherwise, Taxi to Zakopane costs 700 PLN one way.Very expensive. Hope my answer helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie and residences of 28 comfy apartments in Zakopane)

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Jan 27th, 2013

Hello Eli, all roads(main or not) are opened all year long unless roadworks.So,you may rent a car with winter yres in cracow or even in Zakopane if you wish to drive around the Małopolskie region.Hope my answer helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie and residences of 28 comfy apartments in Zakopane)

Eli from United States Reply Jan 27th, 2013

Hi I plan to go to Zakopane mid Feb. I am interested to rent a car and drive in the region. Are the main roads open for driving during this time?

Hayley from Ireland Reply Jan 24th, 2013

Hi, I am flying to Katowice airport on the 30th Jan 2013.I am arriving at 11 pm and I dont know if there are buses to Zacopane at this time? Does anyone know if I can get a bus direct to zacopane this late? Or how much a taxi would cost from Katowice airport to Zacopane? Thanks :)

Ogrodygorsie from Poland Reply Jan 10th, 2013

Hello, May I Ask you how Much is taxi transfer return to balice

shuttle service , transfers from Poland Reply Jan 10th, 2013

Hello this is site shuttle service from airport balice to Zakopane , or call +48 668 449 343

william from United Kingdom Reply Oct 20th, 2012

zakapone is great place been four times with reference toaccidents on road my bus driver on bus to krakow from zakapone was talking on handheld mobile while driving bus he took 4 calls in total i found that a little off puting. ttrains are great in poland cheap and comfy

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Sep 11th, 2012

Hello, the weather is actually very nice with warm sunny days from very early morning to evening.So, I would advise you to take the most earliest bus from Cracow to Zakopane to enjoy the most that only day that you want to spend in Zakopane.Hope my answer helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie(3 residences of comfy apartments in Zakopane)

Jonathan from Malta Reply Sep 9th, 2012

I am planning to visit Zakopane with a couple of friends on 21 September (whole day there) by catching a bus from Krakow. Do you think the weather be good for some tracking?

Akash from Trinidad and Tobago Reply Aug 28th, 2012

Hey, I will be arriving in Poland on the 13th of September, at Katowice Airport, and will need to arrive in Zakopane on the same day. What's the best way for me to do this? Thank you very much. Akash

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Aug 28th, 2012

Hello, you may get from Katowice airport to Cracow bus or train station by taking train from Katowice train station(after taking a bus to get there)or by private bus going from Katowice airport to Cracow bus station(Wizzair bus are doing that trip).Then from Cracow bus station located nearby the Cracow train station, the best is to take the bus to Zakopane(takes about 2 hours) by train about 4 hours.Hope it helps. Staff of Ogrodygorskie(3 residences of 26 very comfy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Aug 3rd, 2012

Hello Kat, On the 15th August, it should not be hard for you to catch any of the private buses which are running from Cracow Bus Station to Zakopane(some public ones may be not working that day).About the activities in Zakopane, as it is a peak season time, and surroundings, all activities you wish to do(rafting wild one or slow one in Dunajec river/ rope park available in Zakopane in few locations(on Gubalowka hill or near the ski jumping area)or Dunajec also.Krupowki street will be for sure full of people and most of all shops should be opened that day.Do feel free to ask again if you have anymore queries.Staff of Ogrodygorskie, residence of comfy apartments in Zakopane

Kat from United States Reply Jul 30th, 2012

Hello, we are planning to travel to Zakopane from Krakow on the 15th of August. Since is a public holiday, we are worried the buses will be working and if there will be things to do there, I mean they will not be closed due to the holiday. For example, we were thinking of having a ride on the Dunajec River, visit the rope park and spending time at the Krupowski street.

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Jun 17th, 2012

Here is the website of the shelters near the Five Lakes Valleys where you can book beds on line : .You can get there by hiking few hours up in the mountain.The reach the starting point of the trekking path, you may get there by bus which ride often from the bus station. Hope the answer helps. Staff of Ogrodygorskie residence of apartments in Zakopane ;-)

Analise Camilleri from Malta Reply Jun 13th, 2012

Hi, I would like to know how can I book a shelter in Zakopane in/near the Valley of Five Lakes, and how can I get there, and how can I travel, hiking, trekking in this area.. whom to contact and so forth. Thanks a lot, keep it up. (for two adult persons)

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply Nov 28th, 2011

There is no direct bus going from Zakopane to Cracow airport unless you book your own private transfer by private shuttle bus or taxi companies or also if you find out with those companies that there are others tourists who wish to do the same journey on same day and time and so you may share the fare.If you do not find anybody else by any of the companies informing you or on some touristics forums about Zakopane,the other possibilities are to take train or bus from Zakopane bus station to Cracow bus station(first bus is at 5.50am,other times are lisred below on previous posts) anx then take a outdoor tramway going to the airport.also,you may take bus very late on previous day and stay/sleep at the airport/ and /or stay in an hotel in Cracow on day before flight.some forums are available on tripadvisor,lonelylpanet,gumtree...,and of course zakopane-life.Regards.Staff of Ogrodygorskie(3 residences of very comfy apartments in and around Zakopane)

Stephen from United Kingdom Reply Nov 27th, 2011

Hello Will there be an early bus from Zakopane to Cracow/airport on the morning of Sat 7 and Sun 8 Jan 2012? If so what are the times please?

Stephen from United Kingdom Reply Nov 24th, 2011

Hello all Just enquiring about any transport options from Zakopane to Cracow airport for the 10.50 am flight on a Sunday morning? The taxi seems too expensive for one person (100 pounds or so I have read), so was wondering if there is a bus service leaving Zakopane at say 5-6 am?? Any help is gratefully received.

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Nov 6th, 2011

Hello, About private buses szwagropol , timetables are: 24.12 there is bus service 25.12 there is no bus service 31.12 and 01.01.2011 there is service with the same timetable : Cracow - Zakopane 6.40, 7.35, 8.40, 9.40, 10.10, 11.05, 12.00, 12.40, 14.10, 14.50, 15.40, 16.10, 17.10, 18.15, 18.45, 19.15, 20.00, 22.05 Zakopane - Cracow 5.50, 7.15, 7.50, 8.30, 9.15, 10.15, 10.45, 11.20, 12.40, 14.00, 14.50, 15.15, 16.00, 16.55, 17.50, 18.30, 19.15, 20.10. About trains from Cracow to Zakopane also Balice airport to Cracow, i am waiting for their reply on theirservices and timetables at that period. Staff of Ogrodygorskie

Awen from Poland Reply Nov 5th, 2011

Will there be buses/trains running between zakopane and cracow on december 22/23/24th and 26/27th? will they be the same prices? same times? any tips on zakopane for christmas? all slopes open daily? thanks

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply Jun 30th, 2011

Hello,the best way to get to Zakopane as easy and quick as possiblewould be to fly to Cracow Balice airport, then to get tramway to Cracow bus station, then from there bus to Zakopane.That journey should take 3 hours max compare to vey long train ride.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence,very comfy apartments in Zakopane

Tanya from South Africa Reply Jun 28th, 2011

Hi there, I plan on flying to Warsaw just before Christmas, and would like to know if there are any direct trains from Warsaw airport to Krakow airport? Even better, direct to Zakopane! If so, what are the costs?

claire from United Kingdom Reply May 28th, 2011

Hi, Is the bus station in Zakopane within walking distance to TWW Apartmenty? There will be 4 adults, two children and 6 cases!

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply May 26th, 2011

Hello, in Poland from Cracow to Zakopane: public bus on / private bus: If it is from Belgium to Poland cities, try , in english language possible.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence,very comfy apartments in Zakopane

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply May 26th, 2011

Hello, in Poland from Cracow to Zakopane: public bus on / private bus: If it is from Belgium to Poland cities, try , in english language possible.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence,very comfy apartments in Zakopane

OGRODYGORSKIE from Poland Reply May 26th, 2011

Hello, in Poland from Cracow to Zakopane: public bus on / private bus: If it is from Belgium to Poland cities, try , in english language possible.Hope it helps.Staff of Ogrodygorskie Residence,very comfy apartments in Zakopane

Gil from Belgium Reply May 25th, 2011

I may have overlooked it but can I find a timetable of busses somewhere? The timetable for july 2011 if possible. Thanks alot for your help!

Adamek from Poland Reply Nov 26th, 2010

Hello Russell, that is a great question that only God may have the right answer to.The snow may fall at anytime(it is already snowing on the pics but not enough to open slopes on the hill), for any length , and at any quantity. Of course everybody wish a white Christmas/New Year full of fresh snow.So let's hope that God will make this happened in white.Otherwise, there is Slovakia nearby with more chances for better snow conditions.Hope it helps.Ogrodygorskie residence of apartments in Zakopane

Jim Oswell from United Kingdom Reply Nov 26th, 2010

Would recommend any one thinking of going to Zakopane consider TWW Apartments Location great for town and hiking in park rooms excellant staff could not be more helpfull in fact we have booked already to return next year

Russell from United Kingdom Reply Oct 21st, 2010

How often does it not snow over Christmas/new year in zakopane

Lorek from Poland Reply Oct 13th, 2010

Hello Dear, The private and public buses are cheaper than the train(18 and 23 PLN).Train is normally longer than the bus(3h30 and 2 hours), but if you are not in hurry, train can be of better sightseeing than the bus. Hope it helps

Zoë from United Kingdom Reply Oct 13th, 2010

Dzień dobry! Im planning a valentines break in february with my polish boyfriend (13th-16th). I was wondering how much train fare from Kraków to Zakopane would be?(in Złoty). And is it cheaper than the coach? Dzięki :)

Lorek from Poland Reply Oct 11th, 2010

Hello, the christmas market starts on the 1 st December until the 26 th. For the bus from Zakopane to Cracow, schedules are on About the snow, it may be some but nobody can be sure that slopes will be opened for ski with good conditions. So, For myself, that weekend is a bit short to enjoy with your daughter and maybe not in the right dates.

Nick from United Kingdom Reply Oct 7th, 2010

Planning a short weekend in Krakow with my daughter(9)26 Nov. (Arr Fri 10:25/Dep Sun 10:50). Want to include time in Zakopane and a ski lesson if possible. Questions: 1. Will the Krakow Christmas market be on this weekend? 2. Will there be any snow in Zakopane? 3. Is there an early bus that could get us back to Krakow for a 10:50 flight on Sunday or would we be better staying in Zakopane on the Friday night and returning to Krakow Saturday afternoon/evening? 3. Is this just too ambitious in 48 hours?

Lorek from Poland Reply Oct 3rd, 2010

Hello Bridget, all is running as normal on Easter in Zakopane.The bus station is located near the taxi station.So, there is no problem to get by taxi to the hotel or apartment you wish to rent.I may have some advices on accomodation from 2 pers. If you wish some advices or others onfo., do post a review again.Thanks

Bridget from Czech Republic Reply Oct 2nd, 2010

Hello. Is Zakopane open during easter 2011? What hotels are best for public transportation arrival. I'll be arriving by bus or train and will have to carry a snowbaord and bag. Thanks, Bridget

Lorek from Poland Reply Sep 16th, 2010

Hello Ed, of course you can rent a car to go to Poprad and surroundings.Otherwise there is bus from different companies: Price: 18 PLN ; Price:?Hope it helps

Ed Wisniewski from United States Reply Sep 13th, 2010

Hey Lorek: after a few days in Zakopane, we plan to visit Poprad, Slovakia for a few days. What is best way to get there? we can rent auto if that works or bus? thanks.

Lorek from Poland Reply Sep 6th, 2010

Hi Shell, u are really welcome!Check the info section and u will get the timetables for that period I got from the bus company.If you need great accomodation at affordable price for that period or at anytime, do feel free to contact me again on the email previously given in some of my posts.Thanks

Shell from United Kingdom Reply Sep 6th, 2010

Hi Lorek, Thank you for the info, it is most helpful. X

LorekZakopane from Poland Reply Sep 4th, 2010

Hello Shell, as per last year timetables, there is no problem to get buses from Cracow to Zakopane on the 26/12 and also on the New Year day. For the ay from Cracow to the airport, there is normally no problem if you get there by the outdoor tramway going from Train station to 200m nearby the airport;about the bus, I think there will be restricted rides on those days.

Lorek from Poland Reply Sep 4th, 2010

Hello Ian, if you are going to Zakopane for skiing mostly,as you are beginners you do not really need a car.If you are interested, I have some contacts of ski school which are dealing with ski lessons with private instructor speaking english, ride from/to the Cracow airport to/from your place of accomodation, ride to/from the slopes in and around Zakopane(from your place of accomodation also), different activities after ski while in Zakopane and a lot more.I may also recommend you to saty 6 of you in an apartment fully furnished. Regards

Ian from United Kingdom Reply Sep 4th, 2010

Going to Zakopane next Feb 2011 in half term three adults and three kids all with very limited/no experience of skiing. Planning on a hirecar and driving from Krakow airport. Any tips about a good polish car hire firm and travel ski school etc. Thanks in anticipation

Shell from United Kingdom Reply Aug 31st, 2010

Further to previous post, I meant do the buses run from Krakow to Zakopane on 26th December?? Cheers

Shell from United Kingdom Reply Aug 31st, 2010

Hi, Does anyone know if buses will run from Krakow on 26th December?? and if they run from Krakow to the airport on New Years Day?? Cheers!

lorekadamek from Poland Reply Jul 23rd, 2010

For information, I really enjoyed the night I spent hanging around from club to club:Paparazzi, Prestige, Morskie Oko, Genesis, Ampstrong in Zakopane. Not too far, in Nowy targ: : nightclubs at the basement of Villa Toscana restaurant and ADHD bar club really great.So, there are plenty of places where to party few consecutives nights

Lorekadamek from Poland Reply Jul 20th, 2010

Hello Dorianne, I think that you may find a lot to do by day and by night in Zakopane as there are a lot of tourists now and so, all many restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are opened to very late for you to enjoy their different style of music, decoration, atmosphere ,drinks and food.The atmosphere will be for sure good at night time even if the atmosphere like anywhere else in the world, is the hottest Friday and Saturday night.

Dorianne from Malta Reply Jul 16th, 2010

Hi We are a group of 9 coming to Zakopane for 5 nights during 8th Aug - 13 Aug.. how is the nightlife during this time? Some of my friends are afraid the place at night will be too quite. Please advise! thanks Dorianne

Lorek from Poland Reply Jun 17th, 2010

Hello, for your information, the roads to get to Zakopane have not been affected by the recent rain and floods.

Richard from Australia Reply Jun 16th, 2010

Hi. We arrive in Zakopane tomorrow afternoon by car. Is road access affected in any way by recent rain?

Lorek from Poland Reply Apr 22nd, 2010

Hello Andy, There is direct/indirect train from Warsaw to Zakopane , journey takes from 5h30 to 10h30 depending on travel by day or night>infos on .By bus, it would take between 7h30 and 9h40 .Infos on

Andy from United Kingdom Reply Apr 20th, 2010

Hi I'm going to a wedding in Warsaw in august and plan to come walking in Zakopane afterwards for a week or so. Is there a direct train from Warsaw and if so how long will the journey be? Is this the best way to get there from Warsaw? Thanks for your help!

Lorek from Poland Reply Apr 9th, 2010

Thanks a lot Nigel.It may help some other tourists which will come in future to Zakopane.For me, I got trapped as well on this unsigned motorway directing to Katowice.I was pissed off.How dare that around this famous airport.That is not acceptable for tourists, maybe for polish people, admistation of the road still behaving in a communist way.Well, I hope it will be fixed soon.If you need other advices on Zakopane, how to come, where to stay,... please do post a review too

Nigel from United Kingdom Reply Feb 24th, 2010

Just got back from Feb half term trip with rental car and found out some things the hard way! If you collect the car at Krakow airport then on exiting the car park you will come to a roundabout with no road signs on it! Do not go straight across as you will be heading north and may end up on the toll motorway to Katowice with no chance to turn around for the next 20 miles! Instead, turn left followed by a right further down the road to get onto the motorway in the Zakopane direction. Allow at least 4 hours on a February Saturday morning to get from Zakopane to Krakow airport by road (65 miles). It took us 2 hours just to reach Novy Targ which is 15 miles away. Much of February is Polish school winter holiday which explains the amount of weekend traffic. Consider leaving Zakopane in the opposite direction on the 958 road and looping up past Czarny Dunajec and on to Rabka. Even then, you'll still join a queue of traffic at Rabka but at least it seemed to move ok to the start of the motorway at Lubien.

lorek from Poland Reply Feb 11th, 2010

Hello Sarah , your plan for 1 day ski at Zakopane is possible without problems.You just have to know your ski levels then you will be able to go to the right slopes without losing time.Ski rental are nearby for most slopes.But do you intend to stay only 1 day in Zakopane, that is too little to enjoy all what Zakopane has for!

Lindsey from United Kingdom Reply Feb 10th, 2010

Hi travelling from Zakopane to Crakow airport on 20th Feb for 9.00am flight anybody want to share a taxi?

Sarah from United Kingdom Reply Feb 2nd, 2010

If I was to get a bus from Krakow to Zakopane arriving in Zakopane at 8.40am on a Monday, would that give me time to hire equipment, get a lift pass, get up the mountain and ski for the day before getting a late bus back to Krakow in the evening? Any suggestions gratefully received as I am not sure how far apart the bus station is from the rental and slopes etc. Thanks

lorek from Poland Reply Jan 30th, 2010

Hello Micheal and Patrick,to get from Katowice airport to Zakopane at normal cost,you have to go first from Katowice to Cracow and then get to Cracow bus or train station.You may do so by bus(private or Wizzair one, bus is the best possibility)or by train.Then you may take bus from Cracow bus station to Zakopane(public or private(more comfortable)) or train from Cracow train station to Zakopane (it takes about same time if traffic expected on holiday time (february-March)). if anymore queries about accomodation in Zakopane or , please contact us

Mike Beard from United Kingdom Reply Jan 25th, 2010

Hi all, Arriving at Krakow approx 1300 hrs, 13/2 from East Mids (UK) with my 12 yr old son. Staying overnight in Krakow before visiting Auschwitz on 14th and then plan to travel up to Zakopane by bus late afternoon / early evening on 14th (staying at Helios). See one or two are planning to travel up in Feb half term......if my times fits in with anyone elses and people feel like a bit of moral support when travelling by public transport, then feel free to drop me a line. We're returning to Krakow on 20th for mid pm flight (again by public transport). believe buses are very cheap, reliable and plentiful but that trains are not so frequent / take much longer. Any comments on my plans appreciated. email = Mike

Mícheál from Ireland Reply Jan 20th, 2010

Hi I am going to Zakopane from the 6th to the 9th of March this year our flight leaves on the 6th but does not arrive until 00.10 AM on the 7th to Katowice Airport, I imagine that I will have to stay in Katowice over night and make my way up to Zakopane the morning of the 7th. Anyone have any ideas on the best way of getting from Katowice to Zakopane if anyone has done it before? Thanks in advance guys!

Patrick from Ireland Reply Jan 19th, 2010

Hi, I'm flying into Katowice and making my way to Zakopane, but having a hard time negotiating the polish-language websites. Any information on buses between these destinations?

ben hall from United Kingdom Reply Jan 19th, 2010

hi i was just wondering what this resort would be like in march?

editor from Poland Reply Jan 18th, 2010

Hi, Catherine. Snow is great here this year. Trains and buses leave daily from the main railway/bus station in Cracow. See the link above for more info. Most of the time you can buy same day or the day before, but always check when you arrive if you plan to spend a few days in Krakow. Enjoy your trip.

Catherine O'Connor from Ireland Reply Jan 16th, 2010

hello we are travelling to zakopane from krakow in feb mid term. I am wondering is it possible to get a train to zakopane or which buses. Also, just wondering what the snow is like in zakopane at the moment

Christophe from United Kingdom Reply Jan 13th, 2010

Thank you Andrew for your advices, i will get in contact with Her.

Andrew from United Kingdom Reply Jan 12th, 2010

Christophe, see my information below. both you and your daughter can get V.Good instruction from Goshia on a nice slope that is easy to learn on.

Bill from United Kingdom Reply Jan 12th, 2010

Do the buses from Zakopane to Szczawnica carry bicycles? There would be 5 bikes in the group which could be a problem. We will be there in May.

Grainne from Ireland Reply Jan 12th, 2010

Hi there. I was just wondering if there is anymore information on the bus links from Krakow to Zakopane? Which bus companies go and where can i get a timetable?

Craig from United Kingdom Reply Jan 11th, 2010

Hi am planning a trip to Zakopane always skied in France/Austia anyone help on what resort is like prices/nightlife currencie ect also good hotels with spa thanks guys

Christophe from United Kingdom Reply Jan 2nd, 2010

I will be in Zap for 9 days and staying at the Redyk hotel from the 14 of february with my daughter and will need a ski instructor for a few hours a day, i have never skied but i am keen to learn as i am very fit and love sports. Is there anyone up for the challenge? Thank you.

Loren from Poland Reply Dec 25th, 2009

Hello Tracy, if you are still interested, we could arrange for you accomodation in February and also transfer from Katowiceairport to Zakopane.Please conatct us on >waiting for your reply.Sincerely

Zakopane Info from United States Reply Dec 22nd, 2009

If You need any help with plane transfers, accomodation, guide service or ski lessons, contact me.

Tracy from United Kingdom Reply Dec 16th, 2009

I am travelling to zakopane in feb half term and looking for transfer from katowise along with accomododation, Any ideas.

Andrew from United States Reply Dec 15th, 2009

Hi Again Vikki, make sure you only use a registed and authorised ski coach. best I can suggest is calling Gosia (goshia) and talk to her. she will do individual lessons and or could sort you out with group lessons. if they can't get you skiing your first morning then they are not the instructors I know. You can contact her on +48608344023. Have a great trip, my number is in posts below and if you are stuck I can give you other places to go to when you are there. Andrew.

Vicki from United Kingdom Reply Dec 10th, 2009

Thanks Andrew thats great, I am 26, dunno if thats classed as young or old lol!! I am staying in hostels in the town centre so Im sure ill be fine but just wanted an idea of what place was like and as a girl on my own I dont usually do bars etc alone but im sure ill meet cool people! Want to do ski lessons with a group or individually think I can organise this when i get there what ya think? I dont need to book in advance do I? Sorry to ask you all these questions its just all new to me!

Andrew from United Kingdom Reply Dec 9th, 2009

Hi Vicki and Steve, The place, even Zakopane shuts down on christmas Eve. Remember this is an Eastern European culture and the big celebrations are Christmas Eve. Everything is open on Christmas Day but not sure about trains. There are loads of busses and taxis. Every restaurant is open and pub, etc but remember in the UK you are used to waiting to be seated. in Zakopane you grab a seat as soon as it becomes available. You will even see people standing over others still finishing there meal waiting foir the table, Its quite amusing. There is a very good Italian resturant at the bottom of the high street if you can get in. Vickie there are loads of places to meet people and just join in you have not mentioned your age but young and old there are clubs, beer tents and bars to meet people. have a great time. Andrew.

vicki from United Kingdom Reply Dec 3rd, 2009

I am going to zakopane alone over bnew years to try skiing for first time!! Whats it like for meeting people - i want to te out and enjoy the nightlife as well so if anyones gonna be there at same time and fancies meetign up for a drink let me know?

Steven from United Kingdom Reply Nov 26th, 2009

hello anyone We are a couple who will be in Krakow 22nd-29th Dec. We get a sense that christmas day in Krakow will be very quiet and we may struggle to find resturant/bars open and thought lets head for Zakopane on Christmas day- maybe stay over night and return on the 26th. We are wondering if buses will travel on the 25th- will resturants/bars be open in Zakopane on the 25th? what could we do for a special christmas day out? All advice very warmly welcomed thank you beth

Andrew Strange from United Kingdom Reply Nov 20th, 2009

I'm Andrew, and making my regualr trip to Zakopane via Kracow and have an empty vehicle. I drive a Range Rover (nice and warm and safe) and am travelling from the south coast where I live on December 19th late in the evening and driving though over night. Travelling by ferry which is already booked for driver and 4 passangers but only me so far in the car. Travelling back on January 7th 2010. Let me know if you are interested in travelling through. Either one way or both ways. Happy for you to call and I can give you more details. +447841387290.

Lesley from United Kingdom Reply Nov 20th, 2009

The person who calls themself Tatra Mtn Guide on - I e mailed and it bounced back! Please confirm if it is correct. Thanks

Lesley from United Kingdom Reply Nov 17th, 2009

Hi lolo. We have accomodation booked thank you. But please let me know if you can arrange return transport. Thank you.

lolo from Poland Reply Nov 12th, 2009

Hello, i know the cost of taxi is quiet high for a return to Balibe Cracow airport.ABOUT 700PLN? I can maybe find cheaper for you. As well, are you looking for comfy accomodation at very affordable price for the period you will be in zakopane.If yes, i may help you with offer.Please let me know

Lesley from United Kingdom Reply Nov 11th, 2009

Hi. My partner and I are flying from Liverpool to Kracow on the 13th Jan. arriving at 10.30 local time. We return on the 9.05 flight on the 20th. Is anyone interested in sharing the cost of a cab to Zakapone?

Enver Babat from Serbia Reply Oct 13th, 2009

We are a tour operator in Serbia. We would like to organize some ski packages to Zakopane. Does anyone know any travel agencies around to get rates? Thank you very much in advance.

Tatra Mtn Guide from Poland Reply Oct 11th, 2009

Hello, I am a mountain guide and ski instructor from Zakopane. If anyone needs help in getting some info about accomodation in town, guiding service or ski instructing - I'll help You with pleasure.

lolozabojat from Poland Reply Oct 9th, 2009

About your accomodation from the 24/11 for 2 pers.,it sould not b problem.Would you like in center; or closed to center in residential area and closed to Kasprowy Wierch cabine Railway bringing to main mountain peak. I do not know which funicular railway you ask about:that one from or Kasprowy Wierch cabine Railway but you may get timetables on the company website by clicking on the english flag. For your choice of situation of accomodation, please do reply to us on >Happy to help at anytime.See you soon

AK_IN_BED from United Kingdom Reply Oct 9th, 2009

Hi lolozabojat, can you give me some more info about the accomodation you mentioned? There are 2 of us going for 3 nights on 24.11.09. ALso, would you know how late the funicular railway runs each day? Cheers, AK

lorek from United Kingdom Reply Oct 6th, 2009

The roads to get to Zakopane by bus or car is currently better and it takes 1h30 by car to reach it.When the snow will be there, it would take longer but not as long as the bus. Reservation for Christmas , Sylwester and New Year are already opened and queries are many.So if you are interested, please do visit our website and get back to us.

Gareth Nicholls from United Kingdom Reply Sep 22nd, 2009

You can use White Side Holidays to book holidays to Zakopane now - don't need to worry about the bus or train!

Mariusz from Poland Reply Jul 31st, 2009

That is true but it will not be built for many years. Trust me!

Jim from United States Reply Jul 27th, 2009

I heard that they're building a special new train service to Zakopane. Speeding it up by a few hours. Is that right?

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