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Ok so you didn't come all the way to the Tatras to find a Polish plumber, but we at Local Life know that from time to time visitors to the mountains need more than just a hotel for the night or a tip on a good restaurant. More mundane issues can have you hunting for that all important address or telephone number, and as usual we're here to help. In our services section you find listings of the likes of doctors, dentists, car hire companies and real estate agents for all your day to day needs.

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1. Rent a Car

8 reviews
ul. Chramcówki 35

2. Zakopane Train Station

8 reviews
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3. Zakopane Hospital

10 reviews
ul. Piłsudskiego 22

4. Altius

3 reviews
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5. Zakopane Bus Station

2 reviews
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6. Radio Taxi 19192

2 reviews
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7. K&M Adventure

1 review
ul. Krupówki 29/9

8. Bogner

1 review
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9. Orbis Travel Office

2 reviews
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10. Apteka na Krupowkach

1 review
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0 reviews
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12. Podhale Travel

0 reviews
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13. Pepe Pralnia

0 reviews
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14. University Hospital

0 reviews
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15. Tatra Heroes

0 reviews

Reviews about Services in Zakopane

Hello, I am a doctor from Palestine.I studied in Ukraine.I am looking for hospital staff.I am ready for me to travel.Can someone help me

Palestinian Territory,
Zakopane Hospital

The worst hospital I was in pain for 4 hours until I got singed out with the appendix and almost died until I found a different place

Zakopane Hospital

Is there a place to store luggage at the train station? If so, where, cost, etc? Thanks!

Zakopane Train Station

Zakopane railway station is finally receiving the much awaited complete refurbishment , also the new road structure from Kraków to Zakopane . This new layout is a huge investment and a massive piece of engineering . The new road and rail network feature huge pillars and tunnels cutting through the mountains. It's due to be completed next year . This is truelly a magnificent piece of engineering

Zakopane Train Station

Atención rápida, amable y muy pofesional. En menos de 1,5 horas han atendido a mi hijo, le han curado la herida, rayos x y antitetánica. Además el médico hablaba espańol, no se puede pedir más

Zakopane Hospital

Are there Any trains from Zacopane that run south? On my way to Budapest . Any info ? Thanks !

Zakopane Train Station

Very low medical care standart. Very low medical equipment standart like a third world. Waited their for hours (5) before they even looked at me after a ski injury. They have treated the locals who came after the foreigners before the foreigners. Staff laughter at me on my face when I was in pain- very unprofessional. When we complain they pretend not to understand English but understood very good what we said.

Zakopane Hospital

I am planning a holiday in Zakopane next summer and need to find out details of local bus services in the area. I should be very pleased if you could let me know where I can get details, Thank you.

United Kingdom,
Zakopane Bus Station

Terrible service

Zakopane Hospital

Hello we will arrive zakopane evening 30/12 on bus from krakow and will stay until 1/1/15 depending on transportation to High Tatras in Slovakia (do not know if the bus will be running and if there is a bus to the other ski fields? we will be travelling with 20, 18 and 16 yr old children and are interested in alternatives to skiing. What type of activities can your company offer us? when are they available? what are the prices and duration of the activities/tours??? thank you for your help

K&M Adventure