Tourism boom continues in Croatia

In spite of the global credit crunch, Croatia's tourism industry continues to go from strength to strength, with 1.2 million more visitors in 2011 than in 2009, the year the crisis began.

Statistics were released in late December, as relayed by Croatia's Minister of Tourism, Damir Bajs.

"As the figures from the Croatian National Bank and the Central Bureau of Statistics show, it is clear that in the second quarter, Croatian tourism, with an increase of 14% in total revenues and an increase of 1.8% in GDP share, virtually pushed up GDP by 0.8%."

The statistics are a reassuring sign for Croats, with both inland and coastal tourist destinations continuing to draw in enthusiastic travellers from across Europe and beyond.

Meanwhile, here in Zagreb, it looks like night owls may soon have a new clubbing mecca to explore.

Two businessmen, Boris Kovacek and Tomo Ricov, have set their sights on a former meat factory not far from Zagreb's Old Town.

The so-called Zagrebcanka has been out of business since 2001, and the premises have been left to the elements, getting increasingly decrepit as the years have passed.

However, Kovacek and Ricov, who are also behind Zagreb's Peppermint Club, want to turn the building into a cultural hub, with both clubbing sessions and space given to promising artists.

Source: Southeast European Times, Croatia Times


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