Last communist leader dies in Zagreb

The last Prime Minister of communist Yugoslavia has died in the Croatian capital. He was 87.

Ante Markovic became prime minister of Yugoslavia in March 1989, just months before Germans began to tear down the Berlin Wall amidst a domino-like collapse of communist states.

Mr Markovic tried hard to prevent the bloody break-up of his country that was destined to occur.

His progressive economic reforms were popular among liberals, but ultimately, he could do little to stem the tides of nationalist sentiments among the competing Croats, Serbs and Slovenes.

Markovic ultimately resigned in December 1991, following pressure from nationalists.

After the wars that engulfed Yugolsalvia, Markovic worked in business and acted as a consultant for banks and governments.

The former leader had reportedly been suffering from a minor cold when he passed away at his apartment.

He is survived by a his wife, as well as a son and a daughter.


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