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Florian Demail from France Reply Sep 26th, 2009

This Club is CLOSE since 1st Of september 2009. What a pity....

G Slint from United Kingdom Reply Aug 24th, 2009

This place was OK, but I know there are better joints in Warsaw...

Josh from United Kingdom Reply Aug 5th, 2009

Not very friendly place to go to, there are way more better ones than this.

jep from Poland Reply Jul 9th, 2009

Club is ok, music is too loud and where the hell do you see nice girls? if you come from italy then maby yes. I come from eastern europe and the girls are below average. And impossible to talk into anything unless you speak polish!

Stefan from Sweden Reply Jun 8th, 2009

avoid this racist club. was the only place i Warsaw where the are open racist.

Vitor Ferreira from Portugal Reply May 21st, 2009

I've been in warsaw last year for 2 weeks. I went to Cinnamon and i didn't enter because they said the place was full but then i saw more groups entering there... and i dress well, i have money so i can't understand what is the fucking problem. I would spend a lot of money there but they closed the door to me and my friends. In Portugal i go to all discos and bars (better than this one) and nobody say i can't enter.

Phil from United States Reply May 8th, 2009

racist club, avoid. there are better clubs in warsaw. this is not a good atmosphere for having fun. i did not come to warsaw expecting to find this attitude, is sad.

Ronny from India Reply Apr 16th, 2009

Its the best place in town,if u're not drunk and are dressed properly than there is no problem in entry. There is no such thing called racist attitude over there as i am too colored & was never denied entry. Great music,great atmosphere & offcoure great girls. Staff is fantastic. Great club hats off to u all.

didi from Poland Reply Feb 24th, 2009

too crowded at 4am we walked in and could hardly move - maybe fun if i had felt like rubbing against people the whole time

Renata from Poland Reply Feb 13th, 2009

I have spent several years in Australia now and still call Poland my home. I really do feel it's the best country now that I have not lived there, and living in a country which is often seen as better than Poland has shown me that Poland has so much more to offer the world than the world knows it yet, and even the locals don't realize it until we get out and about internationally! The club is great by the way, just one club of many that are fantastic and I recomment Poland, Polish clubs, Polish people, Polish power! :-)

David from United States Reply Jan 15th, 2009

I used to think Cinammon was a nice club. Then I went to Brazil. I just got back. Guys if you can afford it, go to Brazil. Why waste your time in f*cking cold Poland where people are rude and unpleasant. You won´t regret a trip to Rio de Janeiro anytime soon...

Gryngo from United Kingdom Reply Jan 10th, 2009

If you go to Warsaw I would advise that you check this place out as it pretty much summarizes how backwards the nightlife and general mentality of many people still is. If you’re a pretentious pr*ck that likes to put on designer clothes and wave your dad’s cash around just to artificially inflate your self-esteem temporarily you’ll fit right and have the time of your life.

kate from United Kingdom Reply Dec 6th, 2008

Might be for the well heeled and beautiful but reading these comments just makes it sound like a racist club.

romonzo from United Kingdom Reply Dec 5th, 2008

Dont go there if your coloured, u wont get in

ADRIAN from Italy Reply Nov 30th, 2008

Entrance guy was rude and violent, didn't let me in even if my buddy's made a reservation and they were waiting for me inside.Very impolite.Is not correct that one retard to make the rules for such a club.I'll never go there.

Jamal from United Kingdom Reply Nov 25th, 2008

They wouldn't let me in either. I think it was because I am coloured.

simon from Belgium Reply Nov 24th, 2008

Hey i'm from belgium, The guy at the door stopped me, yeah he didn't let me enter shit!!! How to get in? and how old must we be to go in? is the bouncer the same every evening or no?

TOM ZEE from United States Reply Oct 31st, 2008


Andy from United Kingdom Reply Oct 19th, 2008

Sounded like a laugh from the reviews here. Can't comment as the a-hole on the door would not let me and my mate Mole in. Funny that, cos they seemed to be letting in all sorts of w#####s!

Jean from Poland Reply Jun 28th, 2008

Man, This is one of the best club in are just outside the door and you could almost get a taste of it inside...Beautiful and gorgeous women ready to have fun...if you are around Poland this is the best place to party...Speaking of it now I am about to have a fun night tonight:))

from United Kingdom Reply Jun 18th, 2008

amazing, gr8 music, venue, the women are amazing..loved it/// milk me

Kevin J from United Kingdom Reply Apr 4th, 2008

This place rocks!

marco from Italy Reply Apr 2nd, 2008

sorting out my evenign from this luxury hotel... to a large room and bed for 1 person only... what do you think: may I find in Cinnamon one of those nice girls, that for a drink and a proper tip award you an intimate meeting without too many preambles? or are they just there to dance and being "traditionally" hooked up?

Anka from Poland Reply Mar 3rd, 2008

The party lasts all night, and sometimes even the sun is rising before you go home, but no matter - a night at cinnamon is always a wild time!

m1 from Poland Reply Mar 2nd, 2008

"...'til midnight..."? are you joking:) ? party starts later here

Alex from United States Reply Feb 16th, 2008

Yesterday I saw a beautiful girl over !there....I'm in love

Tammy from United Kingdom Reply Dec 10th, 2007

Hey! The link is dead. Does anybody know anything about the New Years Eve Party in The Cinnamon? Where can u buy tickets?

Deger from Germany Reply Nov 13th, 2007


Roger from Spain Reply Feb 10th, 2006

Hit this club on a Friday night. No problem getting in, just go early. Incredible talent everywhere. Great music. Food looked good also. Ended up meeting a Polish girl and fucked her that night (for free). She told me that many of the girls who go there are looking to have sex (for money). So guys...what are you waiting for!!! Have fun!!!

Adam from Poland Reply Feb 10th, 2006

As I used to say the place for "mammma idiots" ( forza Italia) who and only they prefer stupiedest sort of polish women...Place just for them.

GIO from Italy Reply Feb 9th, 2006

Hard to get in if u're not well-dressed or if ur face doesn't please the doorman (yeah face-control...)but once u're in, the second best music of warsaw (first is Klubo Kaviarnia for me) and cheap girls around... The best place for strangers used to good music and money-sucking-outrageously-beautiful chicks..worth a try

Ilisas from Norway Reply Jan 27th, 2006

What is going on up there?! They didn't let me in! It is so bizarre!

Paolo from Italy Reply Jan 26th, 2006

Adam said the true: really best polish girls!but...Adam are you sure that italians are stupids?

Paolo from Italy Reply Feb 26th, 2006

my god i had i lot of fun there...cinnamon over the top in poland...but if u want to go there remember to wearing nice clothes because is not easy to go in...and u will see the best side of warsaw!!

Markski from Micronesia, Federated States of Reply Jul 4th, 2006

It is damn near impossible to get a chilled beer of any brand at this bar. I really don't understand it.... their refridgerators obviosuly are for looks only. Other than that... yes, it is a fun place to have drinks at. Mixed drinks are also made and mixed well. Go with a party of 3 or more.

Cesar from Portugal Reply Jun 22nd, 2006

Well, amazing place! Incredibly beautiful women, fresh air section, cool environment and music. One of the best clubs i was in, in all the countries i visited.

Susanne from Austria Reply Jun 4th, 2006

I was there with some friends from U.S. and Austria and it was definitely the best night in Warsaw. The club is hot and you can see a lot of good looking party people. The music is awesome and you can dance the whole night. The reasonable prices are also a big plus. If I would ever visite Warsaw again, this club would be my first address.

Caesar from United States Reply Jun 2nd, 2006

One place I could never turn my back on no matter how many times their doors were open to me. Their enviroment can give the most mellow dramtic individual the night of their life and then some. Partying from ten p.m. till eight a.m. never got tiring. When I return I expect no less!!!

Antonio Polichic from Italy Reply May 28th, 2006

WOW that's great: cute girls dancing everywhere....i had found my current girlfriend right there! Cinnamon knows best how make fun all night's an heaven on earth. See ya ciao

Alexander from United Kingdom Reply Apr 21st, 2006

What a brilliant place, had a fantastic time there. Met some really nice ladies as well. I will definitely be going back!! Alex UK.

bernski from Poland Reply Mar 19th, 2006

Sounds like the guy with the bad review (Adam) couldn't score here. Don't get salty...try and try again. I find Cinnamon to be a gold mine for beautiful girls lookin for a good time. I can't get enough...

alessandro vito from Italy Reply Jan 7th, 2007

it's not a really discotheque but is the best place in the warsaw, very nice girls,not bad for eat and the price is not expensive....i think you should go dressed elegant for make one good other words you have to go there...ciao

Alessandro from Italy Reply Dec 11th, 2006

Nice disco bar. Had a fun friday night there.

Ania from United States Reply Dec 4th, 2006

I guess it's diff. with girls...even tho I went to Poland to visit a guy I had met in the States I did check out the scene and lets face it the girls in Poland are way more attractive than the guys...but like I said I was there for the guys. In regards to getting in there was no problem...I walked in without any hassle from the door guys. The first weekend I went the music was awesome but the 2nd weekend wasn't all that great...maybe because it was 5am and the crowd was dying down a bit. The all that was very suprising that they measure out drinks and were not strong at all. Overall I had fun, but I've had better.

Ron from United States Reply Nov 28th, 2006

Face it people...the guys at the doors are cocks no matter where you go. I don't even complain about this anymore. It's their only chance to feel important most times. Just go, enjoy the babes, and have fun!

adamski Lupo from United States Reply Nov 20th, 2006

Good looking women Much Older men Good food Poor Service Terrible Door staff!

Karen from Poland Reply Oct 17th, 2006

We were refused entry to Cinnamon last week... the reason why is that the bouncer said we were Jews and couldn't enter!!! In which century are we living guys? Come on! Though my boyfriend and I are both Catholics but,that's not the point here... I'd have thought polish people would have been more open minded,specially after the tragedy that took place in this same country,not more than 60 years ago!!! How could people still think in that way,specially in such a country harmed by 2nd WW!!!

Fred from Belgium Reply May 8th, 2007

Well I had that problem too Tommy. I was with one guy and 4 girls and we couldn't get in the first day because 2 single girls from our group could steal the customers from the bars at the bar. This place is a bar where girls ask you to get a drink for her. But it's a very nice bar. When you get inside, and get past the hardest face-control in town the club looks like the commercial of Amaretto. All the people look very nice and the music is perfect. Anyway the second day I only went with my friend and I had a good night. My advice: get inside with an equal guys-girls group. For the belgian people: Nen echten uitzuiperskroeg

Pier from Italy Reply May 5th, 2007

the link to the website does not work. the correct one is:

WALLACE from Italy Reply May 4th, 2007

Do someboby know if is possible to get some pictures about party's in cinnamon? I've been there for this new year eve party..and I would love to see some pictures took in the club that night!! Bye bye.. CIAOOO

WALLACE from Italy Reply May 4th, 2007

.....gran gran tope...!!!!

Sofiah from Sweden Reply Apr 16th, 2007

It was the best place in Warsaw!! Really good music and the bartenders were really cute! Im looking forward to come to Warsaw again to party in the Cinnamon!

Cândida from Portugal Reply Apr 13th, 2007

Pessoas bonitas. Ambiente muito caloroso e muito fashion. I love moja Canela :)

me from Poland Reply Jan 27th, 2007


drinko from United States Reply Jul 4th, 2007

the weblink is dead

Marco from Netherlands Reply Sep 27th, 2007

Had to be early , otherwise you couldn't get in. But once you were in. GREAT! Never have seen so many beautiful women in one club..!

sven from Sweden Reply Aug 8th, 2007

The bouncers stopped us from going in, the only place in warsaw that did that.

Elisabeth from Sweden Reply Jul 30th, 2007

Ohhh Nice Bartenders!!! Very Cute! Not hard to get in, dont worry! Bye Eli

Swistak from Jordan Reply Jan 14th, 2006

One of the cheapest hooker places I've seen on my many trips around the world!

mamadou n gotty ba from Zimbabwe Reply Jan 12th, 2006

il y a que des putes qui cherchent le fric des vieux croutons.

Charlie from Colombia Reply Dec 29th, 2005

Maciek the doorman is sooooooooooooo good looking!!!! I'd drag my balls through a mile of barbed wire just to suck his...

Maja from Poland Reply Dec 23rd, 2005

odd little people, you are.

Adam from Poland Reply Dec 23rd, 2005

There are the most stupid and dirty polish girl we have. Good for stupid Italiano. Take them all:).

Adam from Poland Reply Dec 23rd, 2005

There are the most stupid and dirty polish girl we have. Good for stupid Italiano. Take them all:).

serge from Antigua & Barbuda Reply Dec 21st, 2005

c est de la merde cette boite !!!

Thomas from Norway Reply Dec 20th, 2005

Don't have a cow, Andrea.

Paolo from Italy Reply Dec 4th, 2005

Cinnamon? you know the heaven?good music,hi-design inside and beautiful girls...

Witold from Netherlands Reply Dec 1st, 2005

Good place to be on on time to get in on time, before 23.00 hours. If it's crowded you get not a chance to get in. Best is to hook up with Polish people (for example: take 2 nice girls with you) who know the doorman or the owner. Otherwise: 'you are not coming into the club' (famous words from Austrian TV-maker'Bruno', see DVD ALI G in the USA)..........

Luca from Italy Reply Nov 30th, 2005

I think you guys before judging the door man should tell me if you have a club like this in your own country! Cinnamon is great and it will remain like this if the door man will keep doing his job! they don't care about your money! there are already enough money in there! Cinnamon is like Hollywood in Milan. A place where the models go to have fun! Cheers!

Hani from Lebanon Reply Nov 25th, 2005

awsome place, great lot of cute chics,however little crowdy though, looking forward for going again hani

Andrea from Monaco Reply Oct 30th, 2005

Actually it is a very normal place quite good music but with a lot of pretentious ppl... I had problems to get in i had been in the best places from all over the europe i live in Monaco and i never been treated from a gay in the entrance as i had there...I really don't understand their politic i could spend more than all the people in there and they didn't wanted me to get in they dont want toearn money i think!!!!

Tracy from Switzerland Reply Sep 26th, 2005

actionaly it was a great time i had here,nice people and really hot guys,but i have to mention the unfriendly doorman,who didnt want to let me in,that`why i had to use my contacts:-}}}i would advise u to fire wishes

George from Canada Reply Sep 12th, 2005

I got into this place on a Friday night and the bar staff was friendly - although drinks were expensive. For some reason, I could not get in on Saturday night. I was dressed nice and am averaging looking - however, the arrogant (and gay) door guy would not let me in. Thus, I do not recommend this place. This is bad Karma. Some day the door guy will get old and he will most likely commit suicide because his looks will be gone. Poland and the people are great. The door man at this club is one of the few bad things in Poland.

Michal from United States Reply Sep 8th, 2005

this place is it - the place i been searching for in warsaw. great music, great girls, great crowd. put it this way : after going here i was not able to look at other clubs the same. but be sure to look proper and with people who look good or else Maciek wont let you in.

Bruno from Italy Reply Jul 24th, 2005

One of the best clubs in Warsaw, the music rocks, the people is very nice, it's full of nice girls, all the barmen are good and funny. My best advice for a good saturday night

mascota from Canada Reply Jul 17th, 2005

Such a pretentious place with wannabe model types. Maciel is an ordinary peasant without any manners.Place for all the losers. Save your money and go somewhere else.

jacek from Micronesia, Federated States of Reply Jun 30th, 2005

I have just found out that the doorman is gay !

Tomek from Poland Reply Jun 14th, 2005

What can I say... It`s one of the most trendy clubs around Warsaw. It`s normal that Maciek can say - f*ck off, you don`t look good enough. If he`d said that those girls stay out, they should have been not so pretty. Any pretty girl is highly recommended to get into. So, please don`t say that this is a bad place. Maciek is very harsh, maybe rude. But in good clubs such behaviour is quite normal - check 57 in NY. regards, Tomek, Warsaw

TOM ZEE from United States Reply Mar 7th, 2006


madie from France Reply Jun 2nd, 2005

good music, nice crowd. bouncer is a poor wannabe that must have watched a move of how a visagiste has to behave not knowing the difference between a cheap slot and a vip. poor guy still stayed in the fog where women need men to pay! stopped a couple of classy girlfriends of mine....not knowing better. apart from this loser worth going to.

magda from Poland Reply Jun 2nd, 2005

Please!!!! Remove this plain, arrogant, brainless Maciek from the entrance door. What a shame to have such a shit at the entrance of such an exlusive and classy club.

Mike from United Kingdom Reply May 28th, 2005

This place has more attitude than anywhere I have seen before. Forget it "Cinnamon", your are not a classy joint.... Rude staff and thugish bouncers do not make it for a pleasent place to have a drink. Warsaw really has some work to do to catch up with Prague etc for good nightlife. There are plenty of better bars than this in Warsaw!!!!!

Tommy from Germany Reply Apr 19th, 2005

I have to say it's a really trendy place, the girls are gorgeous and the atmosphere is awesome, but be warned: Maciek, the bouncer (main guy at the door) is the biggest bastard bouncer i have ever encountered in my many visits to clubs around europe. I have never seen anyone treat guests so badly and with sooo much prejudice. Wouldn't you believe it, one time i went there with a group of 3 italian guys and 4 (pretty,but not as model-like compared to others in the club) polish girls, and he said: the guys can come in, the girls will stay out, because they dont look good enough. now there has to something wrong in his brain, don't you think?

criminal_kasia from United States Reply Feb 13th, 2005

Love the mood of the place; great lighting for a comfortable evening. Food isn't bad at all -try the eggplant-coconut soup!!

Sylvia from United Kingdom Reply Jan 4th, 2005

i came here lastnite with my girls &it was so bad!!!the waitresses were so rude,&wen i asked for 3 drinks it took 4 of them 2 understand.i was only in poland 4 a week,and we went 2 cinnamon about 5 times and spent so much money not only on the expensive drinks but also the food,and on the last nite we wanted a photo with 1 of the guy waiters.however,1 of the wairesses(black shoulder length hair,thick fringe) started shouting something at me in Polish,like I cudnt take the photo even tho i had took them on other nites. and then swearing at me in Englsh (suddenly she knew sum English!)she literally started pushing me and telling me to fuck off!i cudnt believe it.i didnt know what was going on as I didnt understand her language,then she called a bouncer over who pushed me and my friends so hard it hurt.even tho we were angry by this time we just wanted to leave.1 of my friends was wasnt worth it.but he didnt seem to care.he said we were causing trouble- just cus we wanted 1 photo!i called the police straight away but after 10mins i didnt get anywhere as no1 there cud speak english to not guna let this go either.u dont treat anybody like that,anywhere. and this is called the most "exclusive club in Warsaw'???????????????????????

Natalie from Colombia Reply Jan 4th, 2005

when i first saw this club advertised as an "exclusive club" on a warsaw website,i thought id go while i was on a 1 week holiday in warsaw with turned out this place was really rubbish!!even tho nearly all the people in the club spoke English, none of the waitresses could speak a word.They were rude,unpolite and very BITCHY!!!if ur very pretty then i wudnt recommend going here as all the waitresses will treat u like crap &talk about u behind your back!

Camikaze from Poland Reply Dec 2nd, 2004

This place is amazing and its the absolut must of warsaw. I would like to thank every bartek x2, michal, piotrek, ruda, karolina and maciek who make it worthwhile! the selection is great and the drinks are amazing! what else would you want?

Marcus Stridsberg from United Kingdom Reply Nov 24th, 2004

I just love this place. My first time in Warsaw and my friend took me to Cinnamon. Great people, musik and a lot of fun. Warsaw will definately be on my European Dj-tour next year! Marcus Stridsberg.

Dafunk from United Kingdom Reply Nov 10th, 2004

Top place, many nice nice women selective entry on the door,either be a model or a burberry waering millionaire

Al Marzocchi from United Kingdom Reply Nov 8th, 2004

Was here last weekend whilst visiting on a DJing visit. Great music - props to DJ Dudson. Beautiful people - make an effort or you won't get in! The Mojitos rock too!!!

mona from Hungary Reply Aug 23rd, 2004

really european spot! sense like selected people can spend their money here. nice to be one of them!

john from United States Reply Jul 13th, 2004

pretty cool but very tight on face control. You better have money or be foreign to get in. Girls are stuck up.

Richard Cuerden from United Kingdom Reply Jun 29th, 2004

Sleek and sophisticated - if that's your thing, then join the hip crowd here in Cinnamon. No complaints.

Jan Versteeg from Poland Reply May 17th, 2004

Last Friday I visited Cinnamon for the 5th time. The first 4 times things were ok to nice there. However last Friday was a very pleasant surprise, what a fantastic PARTY. Hope you can keep this up and you will have found a regular in me and my friends. A friendly piece of advice, door policy is everything!!

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