Let's be honest, your time away from home would be a pretty boring experience if all you had to tell your friends when you got home was that you took a stroll up to the castle. We all like a bit of drama every now and then, and, unfortunately, our adventurous spirit often means requiring the services of a pharmacy, doctor, travel agent or Slovene-speaking lawyer (confidentiality guaranteed here at Ljubljana Life!). Relax, we're on the ball. At Ljubljana Life we are compiling a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. And when you realise that this is the city that you have spent your whole life searching for, who knows - you might just need an estate agent as well!

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Top rated services in Ljubljana

Bus Station

Bus if you must

Bus Station     Centre

Ljubljana Airport

Travelling on a wing and a prayer

Airport     Brnik

Airtrail Slovenia

Airport transfers and taxi services

Taxi     Brnik

Train Station

If it was a chicken, it'd be impeccable

Train Station     Old Town

Taxi Laguna

One of Ljubljana's biggest taxi firms

Taxi     Centre

Taxi Metro

Where you going, mate?

Taxi     Centre

Ljubljana Bike

On your bike!

Bike Rental     Centre


Why ever leave?

Relocation     Centre


Touch down and drive away

Car rental     Airport

Tourist Information

Now that's handy...

Information     Old Town

Ljubljana Card

All the cool kids have one

Discount Card     Old Town

Taxi Elit

Taxi transport in and around the city

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