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Finding something good to eat in Ljubljana is (excuse the terrible pun) a piece of cake!! Although, the foods that are most likely to have you coming back for seconds probably won't be the traditional Slovene options. The city is slap bang in the middle between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and the Balkans, so nobody here has had to look very far for inspiration. So whether you like a bit of Serb cuisine, Hungarian goulash, or-a you-a are-a crazy-a for-a da pizza (and no they weren't typing errors, we were going for the Italian accent...) then you'll definitely find what you're after. And the traditional local food isn't really that bad!!

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Top rated restaurants in Ljubljana


The quick Middle-Eastern ultra snack

Quick & Easy     Centre

Hot Horse

Who knew Mr. Ed was edible?

Fast Food     Siska

Joe Penas Cantina y Bar

The taste of Mexico

Mexican     Centre

Gostilna Sokol

Traditional and homely cusine

Slovenian     Old Town

Mexico 1867

Wow, they're really going for it...

Mexican     Old Town

Casa Del Papa

The Old Man and the Scene

Theme     Centre

Meson Don Felipe

The only Spanish tapas restaurant in Ljubljana!

Spanish     Central East

Abecedarium Cafe

As old as the alphabet

Slovenian     Old Town

Chez Eric

So good you'll want to wear a beret

French     Old Town


The true taste of Bosnia

Bosnian     Bezigrad

Pizza Napoli

Good, authentic, pizza!

Pizzeria     Centre


Slovenia's only veggie restaurant!

Vegetarian     Siska


Gimme a sammich, dammit!

Quick & Easy     Old Town

Pizzerija Pinki

Young, funky, studenty, pizzas

Pizzeria     Central East


How long do you like your sausage?

Bosnian     Old Town

Zlata Ribica

Can't get enough of the good things?

Slovenian     Old Town

Nobel Burek

A Ljubljana institution

Quick & Easy     Old Town

Kavarna Rog

"A cafe is a place where people want to be alone, but they need society"

Coffee Shop
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