Slovenian Restaurants in Ljubljana

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Ciril Metodov trg 18

1. Gostilna Sokol

7 reviews
Ribji Trg 2

2. Abecedarium Cafe

1 review
Cankarjevo nabrezje 5-7

3. Zlata Ribica

0 reviews

Reviews about Slovenian Restaurants in Ljubljana

The big tourist trap at Ljubljana .Mixed grill was very very bad.

Gostilna Sokol

To me a good place, the food isn't the best one in ljubljana but still very decent meals and some nice waiters!

Gostilna Sokol

This is an absolute tourist trap. the food, you better go to Macdonalds.. the staff couldn't care less, when we said the dish is not cooked and cold, they shook their shoulders, knowing we will not be back anyhow...

Gostilna Sokol

Was there in 2006 and it was a nice spot for a beer and a hearty fill-up.

United Kingdom,
Abecedarium Cafe

I had the best venison in cherry sauce ever!!! The staff was absolutely wonderful...and there were parties upstairs...downstairs all was the end of June. My whole family loved it and the dessert...even better!!!!

United States,
Gostilna Sokol

In this "restaurant" bier is the only good thing. The staff is really rude and the food is of low quality. My suggestion: drink a bier at the entrance and ask for a good restaurant.

Gostilna Sokol

My husband had venison which he enjoyed while I had a pasta with a succulent truffle sauce. The service was excellent and the price was lower than we anticipated. I highly recommend this restaurant for tourists visiting the city.

United States,
Gostilna Sokol

I would recommend the homemade beer from Sokol - it's dark, a bit sweet and very tasty. The food was also very good though we arrived there round 9.30 p.m. The audience around us was enjoyable...families, businessmen and of course other tourists. :-D

Gostilna Sokol