Main Bus Station

Main Bus Station
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ul. Sliczna 34

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Editor's review

Centrally located right behind Krakow's main train station, the main bus station in Krakow is where you can catch a bus to Zakopane, Wieliczka, Ojcow, Auschwitz (Oswiecim), and many other places all over Poland. The bus schedules change frequently so it's best to check the schedule for your bus in person at the station, where you can also buy tickets in advance.

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Leendert from Netherlands Reply May 14th, 2015

On 26 May, 11.03 hour, I arrive at Krakov trainstation. I like by bus to Auschwitz 1. Please inform me from where, incl departure and arrival time ( and ticketprice )

Denys Shuliko from Ukraine Reply Feb 27th, 2015

When can I find bus schedule from Krakow to Slubice, 69000?

simona from Italy Reply Jul 31st, 2014

good Morning I wanted to know the cost of bus service for a group of 74 students +5 teachers for the following services 10/12/2014 Transfer from Krakow airport hotel Wilga 14/10/2014 excursion to Auschwitz-Birkenau in the morning and in the afternoon at the Mines of Wieliczka 10/16/2014 Wilga transfer from the hotel to the airport in Krakow. I await your response

Editor from Poland Jul 31st, 2014

Please direct your question to Regards.

Gaja Repe from Slovenia Reply Apr 6th, 2013

I write again because I think it is important for people to know what is happening on Krakow main station. Today I went again to information office to complain again for bahaviour of man there yesterday. There was woman today and when I explained what happened, she started pretending that she does not understand english (and I herd her talking in english with other turists when I was standing in line). So I think it isn´t a coincidence, but that working staff at Krakow main station are extremely rude and unfriendly. The other thing I want to warn about are mini buses driving from station to Auschwitz. Watch out, if you buy 2 way ticket, today I was arguing with driver to take us on the bus on the way back (he said return ticket is for precise hour, what of course wasn´t true). So watch out, in Krakow there are many turist, so a lot of people is taking advantage of this!

Gaja Repe from Slovenia Reply Apr 5th, 2013

Hi! Today me and my boyfriend bought 2 tickets to Auschwitz at 9.30. We went down to the D8 and waited for the bus, there was just mini bus (lady at casa told us it will be bus) and there was many people. So we didn´t get this bus, there was too many of us and we didn´t hear that the driver would call us who had tickets. We waited for another bus, but driver did not let us in, because the time on the ticket was for previous bus. Than we went to casa again and asked for changing tickets to the next day (because today was too late to go and see the museum), but they said it is only possible to go at 11. So we went to the information desk and tell everything to the guy working there. He was very rude! He did not want to talk with us, he just said that we can take the bus at 11 or go. We wanted to ask him some more things, but he was not paying any attention and laugh at us. When I asked him to call his boss, he made fun of us, gave us a prospekt and continue to be rude. I also asked him for his name, and he wouldn´t tell us! We were very unsatisfied with the attitude and that we bought the ticket and couldn´t use them. I hope that you will tell your worker at information office that this is not the way to treat people- especially if you are there to help people! Thank you for your time, Gaja R.

from United States Reply Feb 26th, 2013

That's poland for you. The people that work for MPK are on a mission because they get a cut of the fees. I was once looking in my wallet for one standing next to the ticket machine and I got a ticket. They are horrible

Kasia from Poland Reply Aug 24th, 2012

You can contact MPK (Krakow's transportation company, there is an office in the centre of Krakow at Podwale St and make a complaint. I'm afraid though that if you didn't validate the ticket they might not be able to help you about the fine, but the controllers should give you a chance to pay in one of their offices, not necessarily on the spot with the cash. Good luck though!

Cynthia from Canada Reply Aug 23rd, 2012

we arrived in Krakow today and took the bus to the central station. The driver did not speak English and we showed him our tickets and he just nodded. About 20 minutes later a man who was checking tickets on the bus looked at our tickets and said we were in big trouble, He could not explain why but kept saying the tickets were not validated he asked for id and took our passports and would not return them. He said we would have to pay 124 each for a fine. He had 2 other men with him they could not get their credit card machine to work so they took our bags and took us to cash machine. I could not believe that this was our welcome to Poland. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do?

Angela pollock from United Kingdom Reply Jul 31st, 2012

Beware of bus drivers who charge what they feel like even if the ticket he gives you says the proper price mine insisted I gave him more.

Jonathan from United Kingdom Reply Jun 12th, 2012

The kiosk upstairs is housed by really rude and unhelpful staff. The lady we speak to answered in single-worded answers and wouldnt even make eye contact with us, treating us like we were stupid. Bus drivers largely seemed to be no better. Also watch out for the thugs who man the busses - they prey deliberately on tourists and have designed a ticket validation system which is enforced only for tourists and not for locals - a fine of 25 times the ticket value will be enfoced through intimidation, escort to the cash machine or threats of police (even if they saw you purchase the ticket 1min earlier and hadnt realised to "validate it" on an unmarked/obscured machine on the bus). Our experience is that Polish people in hotels and restaurants are very welcoming to tourists, but stray into services such as public transport and it seems they are unwelcoming, rude, threatening and borderline decietful.

Adamek from United States Reply Dec 13th, 2010

Also and for bus, for train

Piter from Poland Reply Dec 13th, 2010

Jest przecież link do strony...

from United States Reply Dec 13th, 2010

Rozklad jazdy ?Gdzie mam szukac?Opis dworca po co komu?

Dave from United States Reply May 18th, 2009

Some say that the "new" bus station was already too small before it opened.... but at least we always manage to get where we want to go thus far! You can walk directly through the Galeria Krakowska mall to get there.

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Mar 11th, 2009

Thanks for the info, am hitting up Polska this spring on a major road trip...!

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