In Memoriam

Every year the residents of Krakow are joined by tourists, and visitors from abroad, to mark the anniversary of the liquidation of the infamous ghetto, in which the cities Jews were forced to live in inhuman conditions, before being murdered or shipped to their deaths at nearby concentration camps. This year, the event will take place on Sunday March 18, beginning with speeches in memory of those who suffered and died. It is not just a time of remembrance for the victims of the ghetto, but also of the people, Jewish and otherwise, who were forced to work at the nearby Płaszw camp, in Podgrze. The memorial event will begin at Plac Bohaterw Getta, close to the River Wisła. After the speeches, the thousands who are expected to attend will march in contemplation to the site of Płaszw. There, there will be prayers and words of memorial, close to the monument erected to mark the grisly past of what is now a scrap of scrubland to the south of the city centre. To join the march, assemble at Plac Bohaterw Getta at noon.


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