please advise best way to travel to salt mines and austiwcz from the ascot hotel in old city

- Posted by chhulu on Feb 20th, 2010

Hi there! You can always contact Krakow Tours to help you out with this - Cheers, Jabber

- Posted by Jabber on Feb 20th, 2010

Or for a great deal.

- Posted by skibum on Feb 20th, 2010

The 304 bus goes to wieliczka salt mine, you can get it from teatr bagatella (west side of the planty) This is the cheapest way(about 3.10 zl), and you can see signs for the mine when you get to wieliczka (after maybe twenty minutes> as for auschwitz, i would reccomend a minibus from the bus station (just behind the rail station and galeria krakowska) on the lower level there are busses going there for about 10zl. They will say Oswiecim (the polsih name for auscwitz). I did both these trips my first time in krakow, and they were both cheap, and relatively stress free. Of course the organised tours are easier, but where is the fun in that! Hope that's helpful.

- Posted by tgarry on Feb 22nd, 2010

thanks tgarry for your message, it was useful. first time in krakow so obviously a bit worried. i am sure we will be ok finding our way round. thanks

- Posted by chhulu on Feb 22nd, 2010