Femdom in Krakow

Is there any active Femdom scene or people interested in it, Florianska

- Posted by Florianska on Dec 8th, 2009

If it was not all to clear: do Krakow girls want to be dominant, treated like Princesses and keep their admirers under control (and a bit in despair) or is the Polish girl like many Eastern bloc women first of all 'the good girl'-type that has no agressive bitchy sides

- Posted by Florianska on Dec 12th, 2009

The entire country is a femdom scene surely.

- Posted by Island1 on Dec 12th, 2009

Never previously heard of Femdom, but do know that Femidom was a poorly-received attempt at 'empowering women' with a female condom. I am sure there is a stunningly witty way to tie these two tangential threads together, but frankly, it's Saturday evening and I can't be arsed.

- Posted by Jabber on Dec 12th, 2009

Sure it has none to do with your femidom, with Fem Dom is meant female Domination, girls dominant in their relation and not against some kinky stuff

- Posted by Florianska on Dec 12th, 2009