scotish money

were can a change scottish money in poland they will not chane it at hotel they say only english money but a dont have any just shottish money//

- Posted by lainey on Sep 5th, 2009

Try a bank, but I think you may have trouble there, too. Scottish money is not well known or accepted and should be changed to English currency or Euros before you arrive.

- Posted by groovesoop on Sep 5th, 2009

groovscoop how many fags can u take bk it uk/?

- Posted by lainey on Sep 5th, 2009

When you back to UK, your allowance is 3200 cigarettes, if it is for your personal use.Try other brands if you cannot find Mayfair and RU(that i personnallly do not know). It will be hard toexchange scottish money but you may find at a bad rate.Otherwise you may withdraw from the cash point machine of a Bank , not from a cash machine which may charge you big commission (as well be aware of your bank charges).

- Posted by zabojat on Sep 5th, 2009