practice your english

hi any polish ladies like to practise there english for a kawa/piwo

- Posted by paulinuk on Aug 31st, 2009

Quick tip Paulinuk, if you're going to offer to help Polish girls 'practise there english', you should maybe write it correctly in English to begin with! ;-) I think it's THEIR English, isn't it? Are you one of the many English teachers in this fine city then? Good luck! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary on Aug 31st, 2009

Theres always some waiting in the wings to give a sarcastic reply,i,m not teacher to ,to wound up now to say anymore

- Posted by paulinuk on Sep 1st, 2009


- Posted by artfruit on Sep 1st, 2009

Oh dear, oh dear! It seems that I've hit a sore spot there! I am truly sorry Paulinuk! Sarcasm is just one of the many things that I am Legendary for! Although, judging by your reply, its obvious that you're not an English teacher! Anyone out there want to help Paulinuk with his English? Signed, Sarcastic Legendary!

- Posted by legendary on Sep 1st, 2009


- Posted by paulinuk on Sep 1st, 2009

English lessons with someone who has bad english grammar? That doesnt sound like the best way to learn english.

- Posted by panda123 on Sep 1st, 2009

i did,nt now you had to write wile you was jssut talkin 2sum one 2 elp there spekin englshh ow stupid ov me,whts i like to clevr

- Posted by paulinuk on Sep 3rd, 2009

By the looks of it, I'd venture to say that your grammar is improper when written OR spoken, so that may undermine your qualifications as an English tutor, even in exchange for caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. However, should you desire lessons yourself, there are many fine English instruction institutions in the city that may guide your in your pursuit of the appropriate credentials required of such a position.

- Posted by bildungsr0man on Sep 3rd, 2009


- Posted by paulinuk on Sep 3rd, 2009

Hmmm, I see that you have been left speechless. Perhaps your selective mutism is an admission of your need for a comprehensive English language and grammar course?

- Posted by bildungsr0man on Sep 3rd, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks for this thread. Sat here drinking my morning cup of tea and found myself laughing out loud. Fantastic!

- Posted by gregheath on Sep 23rd, 2009

We live to entertain ;)

- Posted by bildungsr0man on Sep 23rd, 2009

Pleasure greg! We all bring our own unique qualities to this forum! Careful you don't spill that tea! Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary on Sep 23rd, 2009

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