Sometimes when you find yourself in a foreign town, you find yourself in need of more than just a hearty supper or an afternoon's stroll around a local museum. Even the cub scouts amongst you can find yourselves unexpectedly in need of a pharmacy, doctor, travel agent or English-speaking lawyer (we won't ask why!).

Now at least though you can relax. At Wroclaw Life we are compiling a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. And when you fall in love with this city and decide to stay, who knows - you might need a real estate agent as well!

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Ofiar Oświęcimskich 36

49. Cartel Barbershop

0 reviews
Lwowska 27/10, 53-515

50. TattooMasz

0 reviews
Stefana Żeromskiego 28
ul. Rynek 31/32 4th floor

52. Link Language School

293 reviews

53. Jupi Art School

0 reviews
City Centre

54. See Wroclaw

9 reviews
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 67

55. Laundry Wash&Go

4 reviews

56. Moppy

3 reviews
Szewska 18, Wroclaw

57. Beauty Balinese Boutique

2 reviews
ul. Szewska 18 / ul. Oławska 22
Piotra Włostowica

59. CityBoats

1 review
Plac Solny

60. Best City Tours

0 reviews

61. Best City Tours

0 reviews
Starobrzeska 34i

62. Vena Pottery

0 reviews

Reviews about Services

It was a pleasure to study Polish with Link Language School. The lessons are interesting combined with different activities, so the process of learning language is faster and exciting!! And also it is great opportunity to know different people from abroad, to know their cultural differences through learning Polish!

Link Language School

Learning Polish in this school was the best decision! Classes are really interactive and well structured. Our teacher is amazing and I found also great colleagues. I did not believe that I could have made these progresses in only four months. Thanks Monika and Marta for your great commitment

Link Language School

This school is amazing, I really improved in the last 4 months. I enjoy every lesson, and polish is not as impossible as it seemed to be!

Link Language School

Learning Polish with Weronika at this school has been nothing but a pleasure. Each lesson is not only helpful, but also so fun. I am always leaving with a smile on my face! For a very nice and friendly atmosphere while learning Polish, I highly recommend this school! Thank you Weronika for making lessons that are interactive and fun!

United States,
Link Language School

I really enjoy learning Polish at this school. The group is very nice, and the teaching method is well constructed and based on a communicative approach which I really like. if you are interested in learning this language, I would highly recommend this school. A special thanks to our teacher Monika for making the lessons very interesting and interactive !!!

Link Language School

It is very nice experience to learn Polish at this school. Admission is informative, teaching is well-organized, interactive and joyful. You can improve your reading, writing, listening skills at the same time. The school is placed in the center of Wroclaw. If you are interested in learning Polish, I strongly recommend Link Language School

Link Language School

The teaching was fun and the teachers were very friendly, and nice group with in class also! I recommend this place!

Link Language School

Very interesting lesson and way of teaching. Having lesson in group is nice

Link Language School

It is a great team and a fantastic learning experience. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn Polish from scratch, pass the official exam (B1 in my case) or get confidence in day-to-day communication with the locals. Special kudos to Weronika, who constantly managed to tailor the learning process to my needs and priorities while not giving up the quality and systematic approach to studies. Dziękuję z całego serca za naukę i wspólnie spędzony czas!

Link Language School

I had the best time as a student in this school. method of education & games help students to understand grammar very well. Marta and Wieronika , you are amazing thank you . I was lucky to join this school. I highly recommend it.

Link Language School