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ul. Wyszyńskiego 31/9

1. Polonica

0 reviews
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 9
pl. Muzealny 15/28, Attic

3. EAGLE Polish Center

0 reviews
ul. Kuźnicza 11-13 2nd floor

4. Link Language School

218 reviews

Reviews about Language Schools in Wroclaw

Grateful for the hours spent not only learning Polish but having fun doing so! Aga and Weronika always made sure to establish a warm and friendly environment while teaching us about the cases and the nouns which unfortunately due to work schedule changes I won't be able to enjoy and will miss it very much.

Link Language School

When you become friends with your teachers and your colleagues from the school, it really means something. And when Polish people tells you that you speak their language pretty good, even if you basically didn't had a chance to practice it at all, I can have only words of gratitude for Agnieszka and Marta.

Link Language School

I finished medical school in Wrocław but studied in an English program. I needed to improve my Polish a lot in order to have a chance at passing the Polish language exam for people trying to work here as doctors. This required knowledge of not just grammar, but medical terminology and doctor-patient communication skills. It was hard work but it was rewarding and fun and thanks to Link I passed. It gave me confidence to speak, write, and the motivation to explore the language much further. Cheers to Marta and Karolina Polecam!

Link Language School

Just wanted to say I am really happy to continue learning at your school. I feel very proud of how my Polish is improving. I can communicate with my husband's family more and more and that is just invaluable to me and to them.

Link Language School

For anyone on the fence, I really recommend Link for learning Polish

Link Language School

Link language school is one of the most places where you could get the Polish language. I had an opportunity to learn really many words in questions of few days, because what is the most important when learning a launguge is not how many hours you spent, but how you spent that time while learning. it was really a warm and friendly atmosphere I found with you guys. Dziękuję :)

Link Language School

I highly recommend LINK language school. I am Norwegian and started learning polish from scratch. For six months I did private classes twice per week with two different teachers. The classes were excellent with very professional teachers with great personalities. They managed to always make the classes very interesting, engaging, friendly, fun, and flexible. The administration is also very professional and always respond swiftly to any question or request. Five stars! LINK jest świetna!

Link Language School

Link language school is definitely the language school for you! I have learnt more Polish than I could have imagined. I had a few months of private lessons with Patrycja and she is wonderful! She kept the lessons fun and interesting, and I enjoyed learning the language due to her enthusiasm and motivation! I will definitely recommend Link language school to my friends. Thank you, Marta, for a great experience!

South Africa,
Link Language School

Link school is more than just a place to learn Polish. Marta and her team go out of their way to make sure you interact with other student's through events organised by the school. Being part of Link was one of the best things I did during my time in Wroclaw.

Link Language School

Great school for novice learners. Took great care

Link Language School