Sometimes when you find yourself in a foreign town, you find yourself in need of more than just a hearty supper or an afternoon's stroll around a local museum. Even the cub scouts amongst you can find yourselves unexpectedly in need of a pharmacy, doctor, travel agent or English-speaking lawyer (we won't ask why!).

Now at least though you can relax. At Wroclaw Life we are compiling a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. And when you fall in love with this city and decide to stay, who knows - you might need a real estate agent as well!

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ul. Piłsudskiego 105

17. Main Train Station

6 reviews
ul. Kotlarska 30

18. Tattoo Studio

8 reviews
ul. Psie Budy 10/11

19. Intermax

2 reviews
ul. Kościuszki 34

20. Joka

3 reviews
ul. Wita Stwosza 3

21. Apteka Herbowa

3 reviews
ul. Ołbińska 4b

22. Winks Massage

6 reviews
ul. Chrobrego 12-14

23. Inkubator AIP

2 reviews
ul. Grabiszyńska 165

24. Medicover

1 review
ul. Żmigrodzka 75a

26. MiCar

2 reviews
ul. Ostrowskiego 9

27. Radio Taxi Serc

2 reviews

28. Medical Service

1 review
Arrivals Hall, T1, Wroclaw International

29. Avis

1 review
ul. Odrzańska 11/12

30. ZTP Radio Taxi

0 reviews
ul. Wyszyńskiego 31/9

31. Polonica

0 reviews
Rynek-Ratusz 24

Reviews about Services

Studying with Link Language School for three years and during this time working with three of their teachers (Ola, Marta, Weronika), I can heartfully recommend this school to anybody. The teachers are flexible, kind and very good at teaching Polish language. Not only that, but they are exceptionally motivational when you reach the period of "I will never be able to learn this language". :) Give yourself some time and patience, trust your teachers, take it easy, work from the basics upwards and speak, speak, speak! - especially if you feel that you are butchering the language. (The best moments of the courses were the ones when we just laughed on the words that I invented but sounded Polish enough.) You will get your result! Good luck! :)

Link Language School

Attending lessons at the Link Language School was a way to learn the Polish language while having fun! The teachers are very well-trained to teach Polish to foreigners, the infrastructure of the school is fantastic and the location is just perfect: right in the center of the city! All this is topped up by a friendly atmosphere where colleagues become friends, making it even easier to tackle this challenging yet beautiful language. I fully recommend this school.

Link Language School

I am really thrilled to have chosen this school! Teacher is energetic, coming up with diverse task beside those in book. Management of the school is flexible, finding the best deal for everyone. Polecam!

Link Language School

Great language school, not just great for learning but a wonderful community too.

Link Language School

Link School have really "linked" me with wonderful people in Wrocław. I'm glad I found my talented and dedicated teacher, Weronika, who has been teaching me for the last 9 months. Marta also helped me to find a great teacher, Ania, for my kids (12 and 10 y.o.). My kids enjoyed their classes and Ania gave my son the confident he needed to go to local Polish school. Thanks to Link School now I'm linked with wonderful friends from my own class and from other classes in Link. Link School is the perfect place for me and I believe it will be the perfect place for you (yes all of you who are reading this :) ) to learn Polish with wonderful teachers.

Link Language School

It is a great school for beginners of Polish. It is a difficult language but the teachers are very capable in getting the understanding across to students. I found the lessons to be varied and engaging. It's a good experience to be gradually improving with the same group of people. The location is good too, at the heart of the city.

Link Language School

I would like to recommend link school , they have best teachers for polish language and Flexibility in education you will feel fun while you study and it’is easy to find the location and in a very nice place .

Link Language School

I would highly recommend Link School.I am studying in an amazing and fun group. Weronika is our teacher and her teaching method was easy to understand and well explained. The school is located in Rynek.

Link Language School

I have been studying Polish for 9 months at Link School. From the very first day, Marta made us speak in Polish. Link School is not only a language institute, but also a great place to learn Polish culture and meet amazing people. Teachers are very enthusiastic, and don’t give up any student. I strongly recommend Link School, and you will love it.

South Korea,
Link Language School

I have been living in Poland for almost 3 years and since I joined the language school, I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge with the help of their teachers. The way of teaching helped me improvise my grammar, knowledge and communicative skills in polish. I highly recommend the school, because I would say this is the best language school in Wrocław to learn polish from!! Go ahead and join, I bet you would not regret a single second of that decision.

Link Language School