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1. Apteka Herbowa

3 reviews
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2. Medicover

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Reviews about Health Services in Wroclaw

Very knowledgeable staff, though their English is not so great so it's best to bring a Polish friend for things to go smoothly and to make sure you get the right thing! :P

United States,
Apteka Herbowa

Poland is great at herbal remedies, even regular pharmacies always ask if you want a herbal or a "chemical" medicine. However this one has a great specialty knowledge. Check it out!

Apteka Herbowa

excellent service and doctors here at Medicover. I really felt like i was in safe hands. As i am new to Wroclaw and Poland and don't speak any Polish this was very important to me

United States,

One of the pharmacists who works there is called Piotr - a good friend of mine who does a mean barbecue - he speaks some zany English and is always cheerful.He also speaks goo german.

United Kingdom,
Apteka Herbowa