Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe
+48 22 222 07 00
Hard Rock Cafe
ul. Złota 59

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Editor's review

Yes, this bastion of overpriced burgers and cheesy memorabilia has washed up on the shore of the Vistula as well, right next to Warsaw's shiny new Zlote Tarasy shopping centre. In addition to offering the standard twice-as-expensive-as-anywhere-else burgers, there's a full menu of American food, including steak, fajitas, salads, and even some country-style apple pie. And next to the restaurant is their shop of course, where you can buy the standard "Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw" t-shirt/shot glass/mug for all your loved ones back home.

Editor & Warsaw Local


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United States

Great place to visit & have fun

Reply Apr 17th, 2012
United States

Great to have a place where you can buy top quality burgers and other American style food that tastes very good. The restaurant looks great and they give great service.

If you just need to have a great American meal this is the place to go.

Reply Jan 15th, 2011
United Kingdom

GREAT burgers and salads. Bit on the expensive side, but definitely worth it!

Reply Dec 21st, 2010
United Kingdom

Like all Hard Rock Cafes - expensive!

Reply Oct 13th, 2010
United Kingdom

This place is amazing during the summer months when you can sit outside in front of the stage where they have live acts perform from time to time.

The nachos are great and so are the fajitas. Music is too loud to chat to anyone other then the wait staff who all speak fluent English. Expensive by Warsaw standards but worth a visit.

Reply Oct 8th, 2010
United States

waaaaay overpriced... but worth it.

Reply Sep 14th, 2010

Hard Rock cafes that are not in super-westernized cities are generally pretty cool - they hire interesting staff so a seat at the bar will always mean great conversation.

Reply Dec 30th, 2009
Wendy L

Yes, it is a tourist trap. Yes, the prices are mad for such simple nosh. But where else can you find this level of American food in Poland? Nowhere else I'm afraid. Really for those craving specific American treats like hamburgers, salads (think ceasar and cobb) and brownies. Yum.

Reply Dec 7th, 2009
Booze Beast

12zl a beer??! Shocking behaviour.

Reply Aug 6th, 2009

Oh my - I'm embarrassed to say I went here, and had a great time. It's a guilty pleasure for sure, and the prices are insane even for Warsaw's expensive standards. Oh well. A nice treat once in a while.

Reply Jul 27th, 2009

Tasty food and large portions but music was too loud to have real conversation at the table.

Reply Feb 23rd, 2009
Travis Johnson
United States

This has to be the top noch place for burgers. Closest things to one that truly satisfies that desire to fill yourself on the verge of a heart attack. Panting for breath after the 10oz burgers make the high prices worth it.

Also the costumer service is supurb, even for American standards.

Reply Jan 19th, 2009
Danny Taurus
United Kingdom

OK to visit from time to time, customers and staff are nice. A change from the usual Warsaw trendy places which are all getting a bit samey. I don't think I would set foot in a HRC if I lived anywhere else though.

Reply Dec 11th, 2008
United Kingdom

Hate to say it but I think they're getting their act together again. Last time I was here in the Summer the staff were all rubbish and unfriendly. Didn't go back for ages. Went on Saturday night and it was a great atmosphere and bar guys were on the top of their game. Keep it that way. You could drop the beer prices though :)

Reply Dec 1st, 2008
United States

the ONLY place i order nachos in PL. they're the closest to how it should be.... margheritas could still use some work though.

Reply Nov 20th, 2008

Next month i will see it my self

Reply Aug 16th, 2008
Mark B
United Kingdom

Apparently planning to open IN Cracow too in the very near future. Starbucks too lands in Poland shortly. Time to leave the country, methinks...

Reply May 25th, 2007
United States

anything cooked in poland will still taste polish... so although the burgers are good they're a long way from back home (texas)... tasty salad tho!!

Reply May 15th, 2007

I guess poland finally getting a hard rock cafe was inevitable, though like most chains, this one is the same as pretty much any hard rock, as far as the huge (and hugely expensive) burgers go. the decor is cool.

Reply May 7th, 2007
Mark G
United States

26pln for a burger in not expensive. It comes with some tasty fries and it is by far the best tasting burger in Warsaw. They also serve food late night; which is a big plus when others are closed. Also to be noted is that food service is far better than at other places, so that alone should make up for what others are calling a hefty price.

Note: Avoid Jeff's Diner and Champions for hamburgers.

One thing to note, is that Poland uses Dairy cows for their beef. Which is a big NO, NO. Hopefully someday they will raise steers and the beef will improve drastically.

Reply Sep 8th, 2007
DJ Analog
United States

Apparently Hard Rock in Poland (and maybe in Europe in general?) is the opposite of Hard Rocks in America. There, the only bands playing are cheesy rock has-beens or some local classic rock cover band. Whereas the Hard Rock in Warsaw is pulling in bands like !!! and Trail of Dead - bands you'd never find playing in an American Hard Rock unless they wanted to completely ruin their reputations. What is going on here?? At least the food is still as overpriced and predictable as in America...

Reply Jul 30th, 2007
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