Patrick's Irish Pub

Patrick's Irish Pub
ul. Nowogrodzka 31

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Editor's review

Irish Bar in the center of Warsaw.

Editor & Warsaw Local


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Don't go there. No rugby match on tv (during the six nations'). No kindness, only a discourteous boss. How such a bar can still exist?

Reply Feb 9th, 2014

do not ever go there! some guy was bothering me, he was really harrasing me. i asked the staff for help. they told me he is their boss. i knew nobody will help me...

Reply Jan 15th, 2012
john kavanagh

this is a pub nothing more nothing less its dirty beer is drinksble but only that for the price u pay i was there in the early evening barmaid was very cold customers kept to them selves ok allowed no atmosphere and full of prostitutes never again better go to a polish bar much more fun like they say when in rome do as the romans do

Reply Sep 27th, 2010

Nothing like a typical Warsaw experience, obviously, but it is a fun night out. Ignore the ridiculous negative comments below. Sure this place is not the cleanest, classiest, but if you have been to any standard Irish bars in Europe you know what to expect!

Reply Mar 31st, 2010
United Kingdom

We went there on St Paddy's day and the atmostphere was bloody awesome! Everyone was singing, dancing, wearing the old Guinness hats...we had a great night. Not an Irish person in sight, but hello...we're in WARSAW. There were some negatives: Toilets were gross, pints were not exactly full, men were decidedly more gropey than I am used to. You will soon be too drunk to notice these things anyway!

Reply Mar 19th, 2010
United States

jim an john go back into yer caves this place is the dirty'st pub full of skanks an robbers its a dump stay clear

Reply Mar 11th, 2010
United States

Cool, friendly place but this is the only Irish bar I've been to in Warsaw so I can't compare!

Reply Dec 30th, 2009
United Kingdom

I usually avoid "Irish" pubs when I'm travelling but if you ignore the themeing here there's nothing wrong with this pub at all. Booze is reasonably priced (if you stick to the Zwiec and Wyborka). Food is basic but huge portions - try the "Knuckle of Pork!". My meagre Polish vocabulary seemed appreciated by staff and regulars alike and I found this the friendliest bar in town (although I was only there for a couple of days).

Reply Dec 10th, 2009

well, i dont know any good irish pub in warsaw which sucks!i loveIreland and the real irish pubs with live music! and its what i always miss when im in poland, especialy in wrasaw... here is my question too all english speaking people who are living in Warsaw.. where do u go to have a pint, watch rugby, to just talk and chill out!?is teher any english speaking people living in this creepy place:)?

Reply Sep 23rd, 2009
Amba McGyver

I used to work a bit for the Irish Embassy, had my share of pub going... went to Ireland, loved it over there.

If you like Irish culture and tradition, DO NOT GO, never, ever, to the so-called "irish pubs" - at least in Warsaw. Go to a nice, funny Polish local place instead, so u might avoid being robber in broad daylight.

Dear Irish friends, please: stay away of these places.

Reply Sep 4th, 2009

I was offered sex by 2 women in their 40's. I turned it down & made a hasty exit. Besides that, it was alright!

Reply Apr 30th, 2009
Drunk Paul
United Kingdom

Warsaw ain't the same now Olly ain't there.

Reply Nov 17th, 2008
United Kingdom

Just don't go here, seriously don't do it, you may end up like one man and not leave......

Reply Oct 26th, 2008

Hmmm, not the best place for a tourist to go in warsaw. Easy going fun can turn nasty in seconds. Unfortunately it's so central that most 'weekenders' end up there at some point.

Reply Oct 10th, 2008
tommyf mcbride

Hi Maurice no wonder I could not find morgans.Good luck

Reply Sep 13th, 2008
maurice morgan

Hi tommy morgans is closed now 3yrs good times have to end sometime am tryin to find a new location there at the mo

Reply Jul 25th, 2008
tommy mcbride

called back after 1 year,still a hole 1 beer and away, same as the emerald and Irish bar at old town.Could not find morgans,drink with the locals good people and ok pricesdon,t be getting ripped off in Paddy pubs

Reply Jul 21st, 2008

remember july 29.2007 friday / Saturday , there was super

Reply Jul 3rd, 2008
United Kingdom


Reply Jun 24th, 2008
United Kingdom

dan - patricks is a Polish pub, anyone claiming different doesn't know warsaw. it's most certainly not expat, the few foreigners in there get robbed, or sometimes even killed - see Poland Monthly feature on it a couple of years back. The fact that the tricolor flying inside is actually an Italian flag sums up the Irishness of this place. The only thing Irish about Patrick's is the number of Poles working behind the bar. And it's still crap.

Reply May 15th, 2008
United Kingdom

here's a thought...whilst abroad...why not try a 'local' pub instead of choosing an oirish bar? flying half way across europe to sit with english chavs and drink guiness seems like a waste of time when i can walk out my door and experience that. best nights in poland are had in local bars...providing you don't act like a twat, which i suspect most people who frequent these establishments would. rubbish.

Reply Apr 8th, 2008

I hanker after you ....

Reply Apr 6th, 2008

Its a disgrace any of the pubs in warsaw can say they are irish btwn bradleys bar below an the sh*^hole on midowa its a real bad joke i love meeting new people but these places are shit service it is sad these places call themselves irish i would rather drink in a english pub and that is not saying much for these dumps what more can i say anyone got the balls to open somethimg real in this hellhole??????????????????????????????????????Please expats in warsaw need a watering hole

Reply Apr 5th, 2008

with no bars open at 12noon, we ended up here simply to kill some time till some more places opened's ok, nothing special and not really that irish...still 5zl pints make it good for a cheap drink...did get a few warnings from some cab drivers about this place at night tho...

Reply Feb 25th, 2008

This place is taking home straight 1/5 ratings and rightly so ('til they put up the 0/5 option). I was staying in Warsaw a year ago and no TV at home. The place was advertising as a place to watch football. So after me driving out to see the game it turns out they only show the Czech game when the Irish one is on at the same time.

Waitress was even putting on an attitude for having to speak English. Also she was wearing a jacket when working behind the counter. Other than that it was a shabby place they hung up some utterly cheap irishesque memorabilia and Guiness was the only thing Irish they had. Stay out of this place.

Reply Jan 18th, 2008

I was in this pub a couple of years ago and its actually improved a bit.. Their now using a pig on a string now as an airfreshener which helps a good bit.. The barmaid used to work in Guantanamo bay torturing the prisoners before getting a start here

Reply Jan 13th, 2008
Imro Pietruszka
South Africa

Pozdrowienia z Afryki od Imra, Eugene i Pete!

By³o nam dobrze u Was. Reszt¹ siê nie przejmujcie - ludzie zawsze na coœ narzekaj¹.

Reply Nov 11th, 2007

1st night in Warsaw 16 of us arrived only got settled into the hotel about 10pm so we just headed around the corner to this which we had already see slated on this site but its was close by. Anywho we were in there havin a great ol laff and wondering what the funk the stories were all about, and in walks this couple.. They sit down opposite us, don't get a drink or anything and start kissing etc... Next thing ya know the girl (who was so ugly we thought for a minute it was a man) opened her jacket to revel a bra... so then sit sits up on the fellas knee with her back to him and pulls down her zip and tries to get the fella to put his had down her jeans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They got kicked out then after about 10 minutes of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets say we seen enough to know she was a woman deep deep down!!! YUCK! They looked like smack heads, deffo off their faces! Then the next day some of my friends went in there for breakfast and another couple walks in an proceeds to actually have sex in the pub :O:O:O Not with trousers down around their ankles but somehow managed it!!!! Missed that one, thank Jesus H. Christ, couldn’t have handled it again

Reply Nov 8th, 2007

Agree lads rip off city pity tho its everywhr if its a normal holliday you want over here go to krakow this pub is a fookin dump an so are all the rest of our so called irishpubs in wawa they just open the door an expect it all to roll in shower of homo's pity there is no good places for expats to go without getting ripped off agree the fanny here is great but if your riding wear a safty belt!!!!!

Reply Nov 3rd, 2007

I am Irish...and have no problem endorsing this pub

Reply Mar 21st, 2006
United Kingdom

This place is a bit of a dive. If your after skanky polish sluts you'll be happy here. Typically for warsaw the atmosphere is sterile.

Reply Oct 26th, 2006

10 strong group of Irish visited this pub on a Fri night. Would never go back. Staff don't know how to smile, toilets were disgusting, adn atmosphere was terrible. Would not recommend it. Irish bar or not

Reply Jun 6th, 2007

As a proud member of Finnish female rugby team Raivottaret, I can honestly say that we (the team) had such a great time in this lovely Irish pub! The atmosphear was high in the roof and the drinks get on coming..what a way to celebrate our success in the 7's tournament and spend the final evening in Poland! Thanx very much!

Reply May 11th, 2007

Mike! if you do not like "polish skanky sluts" you should go back to your smelly, local pub in the UK to enjoy your birds, who (as everybody knows;-) arent the most beautiful woman in the world...poor little things.

Reply Mar 13th, 2007

I agree with most of the other reviews!!!This place is a total shithole with depressing music and pissy toilets. This place is very like the city, unwelcoming, dirty, expensive, depressing, smelly dump....Rip off city and thats saying something coming from a Paddy....

Reply Nov 1st, 2007

I went to Warsaw last weekend and as a whole, was glad to get home, the people are like the irish during the boom, they ripped us off every where we went, in one resturant you had to pay for the toilet even though we were paying customers. It felt like they just wanted to bleed as must money out of us before we went home. The food was crap anywere we went, beer prices work out much the same as in ireland, except the is allot of variation in the prices. All in all I was glad to get back home, but on a good note the women there are awesome, tall, slim and beautifull and they love their knee high boots there. Oh yeah the pub is crap too.

Reply Nov 1st, 2007

I would rather go home an pull the nob off meself than go away wit any of the scabs here in this pub seen some lad gettin sucked off in toilet by some rotten whore pub is a total kip staff are brain dead or on druds shitehole my fellow paddys steer clear!!!!

Reply Oct 2nd, 2007
sean caulfield

Have been in here a a good few times over the past six years keeps getting worse all right for late drinks bad staff dodgy customers and hookers is all i have ever seen in this dump

Reply Jul 29th, 2007
Mark C

U couldn't call it an IRISH BAR, no Irish music, no tourist, they are just using the name to get people through the door, it's like calling a hotel the Hilton, but when u get there, it's more like a 2 star Travel Lodge. We only stayed for a few drinks and that was because it was raining outside.

Reply Jul 29th, 2007

shit holes your right man i heard some irish lad is opening soon in warsaw lets hope he will stop our pain and fly the flag as you say

Reply Jul 17th, 2007

Lad's all the irishpubs in warsaw are a heap of shite unwelcoming kips!!!Was in wawa two weeks ago patricks is a sad excuse bradleys very unwelcoming staff suit them selves serve you if they feeel like it barbelow nice staff but same thing!What a pity guys were irish and we should be proud to fly our flag will someone please open a real irish pub its needed big time all the best the pubspy up the paddy's

Reply Jul 16th, 2007
tommy mcbride

a genuine plastic irish pub stone faced staff there would be more atmosphere on the moon than here.not a pub to go on the lash

Reply Jul 12th, 2007
United States

While walking amongest warsaw in November of 2005,we just had to go into a place that had the same name as me.After going in,we were pleasantly surprised and had a great time. We wanted to come back for the live entertainment in a few days but because of our schedule,never made it back. But I did buy a T-shirt before I left. I wear it proudly. The crowd was fun and was a happening place to be. I will be back on my next trip to Poland. Patrick

Reply Nov 29th, 2005
Michael Starling
United Kingdom

Couldn't agree more. I'm sick and tired of all those fake "Irish" pubs!!!!

Reply Aug 30th, 2005
Ryan Robert Scales
United States

Some of the other Irish Pubs I've seen in Poland are just normal places with an Irish Theme, but this has the authenticity you really want to see when you're thinking Irish

Reply Aug 29th, 2005
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