Strip Clubs In Warsaw

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Warsaw is well known for having some great strip clubs and bars located within the city. They have a wide variety of customers that include stag parties (that now visit the city on a regular basis), businessmen and people out on the town partying. Most have girls that perform strip teases on stage, with an option of paying for a private dance. A typical price for a dance may be 100 zl, and you will have to pay to get into some of the clubs - but not all. If you are buying drinks for yourself, your pals or a girl, we suggest you check the prices on the drinks menu before you do so!

All the main places to go are just a cheap taxi ride apart, so it is possible to check out all of what's on offer very easily.

We have gathered a selection of the best strip clubs in the city.

New Orleans
ul. Zgoda 11
tel: +48 606 92 43

'There are kinds of phenomena a gentleman cannot afford to know, for if he knew such, he would seize to be a gentleman...Therefore we avoid banality and crudeness'.
New Orlean is an exclusive gentlemen's club located right in the centre of Warsaw. The building, where the club is based in, perfectly captures the atmosphere of the place - luxury and taste that encourage you to have a look won't be disappointed! The club's beautiful and sensual dancers, together with a fully stocked bar serving top alcoholic beverages and, most importantly, its classy, ellegant design, will guarantee a memorable night!
Still wondering what makes this place so special? Just follow one of theirs visitor's advice '...relax, enjoy the show and feel like a king of the world for one won't be disappointed'.
If you are thinking of going there, you should stop thinking and just will enjoy it!

al. Jerozolimskie 6
tel: +48 22 629 92 09

al. Jerozolimskie 53
entrance from ul. Pankiewicza 4
tel: +48 22 356 20 16

ul. Polna 13
tel: +48 22 224 25 24

Vegas Gentlemen's Club
ul. Hoza 35
tel: +48 22 696 82 06


not shown
Canada Joe

AVOID DOPAMINA NIGHT CLUB!! Drinks are spiked, you will never know what hit you. I had a business credit card with me and they maxed it out to the tune of $27000CAD. Still working on getting it back. DON'T GO

Reply Apr 23rd, 2018
Warsaw guide

Hei alle sammen. Jeg vil bare bekrefte at dere ikke må gå på klubb minus de prøvde og stjele 7900 zloty fra meg. Og jeg gikk til politiet de skulle hjelpe meg.

Reply Apr 19th, 2018

Dont go to Exotic Club! Me and a friend got drugged! Memory loss and puking like never before... Fortunately for us two other friends didn't get private dances (and not drugged) so they could after LOTS of arguing with the guards and managers get us out of there... Went to New Orleans two times this weekend and the second time all of us felt something was wrong with the drink we bought there. The body felt like it did at the Exotic Club, wouldn't respond to what you want to do. It would be kind of stupid to assume that all the positive reviews about that club is real and not made by the same person or at least by people who wants New Orleans business going well! The girls look good but are pushy and yeah, the drugs in our drinks... won't ever go to neither Exotic Club nor New Orleans again!

Reply Apr 9th, 2018
United States

Very good list. I wish I had gotten here earlier, because I was on a trip to Poland two weeks ago. I did visit some of those places and it really was worth it. On my part, I would also add the New Orleans club that I visited during my friend’s bachelor party. The prettiest dancers and a great selection of alcohols.

Reply Apr 5th, 2018
United Kingdom

I would say that New Orleans is the one I feel really safe in. I mean, the most safe that a man can feel in the stript club xD Girl are good. Dancers are funny and don't push you to buy drinks like in the other clubs. I would not recomend Dopamina also, I've heard many stories from other customers...

Reply Mar 13th, 2018
United Kingdom

Be Careful of DOPAMINA club. if a guy or a girl ask you to go in a bar in the street - Do Not go in Alone without knowing how you going to get out ! I had a drink with a girl - then next thing I know I was passing out without remember nothing - found my self in Ambulance being taken as a 'Drunk' guy to this Facility (I'm still not sure what it was ) - had to wait till morning till they release me - this was probably much luck I ended up in one piece. cancelled my credit cards and hope to never experience this thing again. Be careful !

Reply Mar 11th, 2018

Hey have they robbed you in this club

Reply Apr 19th, 2018

I would also say that New Orleans is the best one. Of course only if you are looking for a club for real gentlemen, because this place is unique and elegant. I always like to have fun in a classy way, not just come into an usual club and have usual drink. In New Orleans everything is special and though out to be the best and the highest quality, starting from the general look of the place, drinks, the menu of restaurant, to dancers of course.

Reply Feb 9th, 2018

Who's enjoyed without any problems in dopamine? How atmosphere inside ?

Reply Feb 5th, 2018
Kian J.

I see that I won't be original to give a positive review for New Orleans and I'm not surprised. The most classy strip club I've been to. My friend's stag party was an amazing night not only for him but also fot his guests. Warsaw surprised us also with good food and comfortable accomodation! Surely we'll come back there, escpecially to visit New Orleans again:)

Reply Feb 1st, 2018

Bei warned and don't go to the Exotic Club in Warsaw! The cock-sucking security guy stolen my Camera! When I noticed it and went back He tried to attack me with a Knife!

Reply Jan 31st, 2018
Oscar Banks
United Kingdom

New Orleans presents the level which all gentlemen (real ones) look for. Starting from the interiors, then - of course - dancers not only beautiful but also eloquent, delicious food and the greatest bar I've ever seen. And everything in a proffessional way. Tha's a place worth coming back what I will do soon:)

Reply Jan 25th, 2018

Dont go to DOPAMINA! Its a club run by organized crime they will put scopoloamine in your drink- i lost 2500 Euros ! Dont go to that mafia club! The owner makes so much money with his crimes that police can't do anything against him...

Reply Jan 24th, 2018

How about girls in is club ? they good?

Reply Feb 5th, 2018

The girls are mafia employees...if you want to pay 2500€for scopolamine you are welcome there

Reply Feb 25th, 2018
United States

WARNING!!! DON'T GO THERE! I paid on credit and charged me $ 1,000 instead of 150 zloty !! I can not get the money back because they cheated me! Thieves!!!

Reply Dec 26th, 2017

First time and of courses the last time, I'm in this club. Unfortunately I had very bad feeling. All I was feeling is they want my money and not interested the client will be happy.

Reply Oct 9th, 2017
bens conscience

Ben, you know that you were in a strip club, not a yoga class, right? You know very well that 99% of strippers only do this work because it's the only way they can make good money & they are a single mother with children to support / they are a drug addict and need lots of money to pay for that / they are in huge debt / they have become 'owned' by the club mafia / they have been trafficked against their will and can't escape / something very bad and very sad happened to them when they were a child (rape, incest) and now they have no self-worth, ect... they don't get to keep much of the money, most of it goes to the club. Their job is literally to take as much money from you as possible as fast as possible. Definitely not to make you happy. If they don't do this they will probably get beaten up by their boss. They have a very dangerous and scary and very very sad life where they are basically slaves. The men that go to strip clubs are not attractive and kind men who the girls can ever love or want to have sex with. That kind of man doesn't need to go to a strip club as they can get women for free in real life. The men who DO go to strip clubs are sad, lonely, creepy and desperate men who are so disgusting and weird and unlovable that they have to pay a girl to talk to them. the strip club girls are disgusted but have to pretend they like them for money. Try to find yourself, try to heal whatever part of you was broken, open your heart and mind, stop being so obsessed with sex, it's an illness, you can enjoy sex, it's natural but there is also a whole world of other interesting stuff to do, go to a therapist maybe, get some new hobbies, find a nice girl in real life to go on a date with, love her, be loved, have passionate amazing sex, suck on her breasts and bury your head in her crotch.

Reply Oct 10th, 2017
Ace R.

Go to New Orleans Gentlemen Club. Really good choice. No annoying girls, you can just sit down, enjoy a good beer (20 zloty) and enjoy the show with a lot of different girls dancing after eachother. No annoying bouncer or stealing! I would definitely go again!

Reply Sep 25th, 2017
United Kingdom

I haven't been to all of this clubs, but I can for sure tell that New Orleans is worth visiting. Most importantly it is really safe, so you can go there without worrying about losing money! Everything about this club is great, from its exclusive atmosphere to stunning dancers. Really it is one of the best and safest clubs in Warsaw.

Reply Sep 15th, 2017

Dont Go dopamina...we have been 5boys...2 Wallets Stolen and for complaining we got Beat Up by bouncers...never go there!!!!!

Reply Sep 11th, 2017
Taylor F.

Do not go to dopamine!!!! Everything that Danko and Romelu said is true!!!!

Reply Sep 3rd, 2017

I can only confirm what Romelu Rodriges said: DO NOT GO TO DOPAMINA. They give you "free" shots and wait until you're shitfaced drunk then they will drain your wallet. I repeat: don't go there!

Reply Sep 1st, 2017
Romelu Rodriges

Ok so please do not go there. They will use your love for chicks and drinks and you will lose alot of money while you drunk. They are giving you free shots until youll pay without thinking ... DO NOT GO TO DOPEMINA !!!

Reply Aug 13th, 2017

The New Orleans Club is for sure the best one from this list. This place is very nice, exclusive and 100% safe! And of course the dancers there... They are exceptional, beautiful and very talented. The best one out there!

Reply Jul 27th, 2017

Czy ktoś z was był w klubie Exotic i podpisywał tam jakieś zobowiązania?

Reply Jul 17th, 2017

a Ty podpisałeś? jak się o tym dowiedziałeś?

Reply Jul 23rd, 2017

Bylem tam i urwał mi się film. Nie wiem czy coś podpisywalem. Naczytalem się w necie o jakichś oswiadczeniach o uznaniu długu i chciałem się dowiedzieć czy w tym miejscu mają takie praktyki. Ty Maciek byleś tam i masz jakieś doświadczenia z nimi?

Reply Jul 31st, 2017
United States

Any experience with the strip club in Foksal Street?

Reply Jul 14th, 2017

i drinked two shots and i dont remember nothing, but they stole me 1000 euros

Reply Jan 2nd, 2018

Wow, I have heard about some night club scams, but it was few years ago and I didn't know that this kind of things still happen in Poland.. I enjoy night clubs but I also enjoy being safe. That's why I usually go to the same place in Warsaw - New Orleans. The place is exclusive and classy, and their dancers are very sexy and talented. I have been there many times, and I will go back because not only this is one of the best clubs in Warsaw but I can also be 100% sure that it is safe.

Reply Jul 6th, 2017

Last year June 2016 in Exotic Club (Nowogrodzka 31, 00-511 Warsaw), a friend and I got drugged and made incapacitated. 17 attempts had been made on my CC and bankcard, resulting in 5000 euro charges. In the early hours we were kicked out, groggy and barely able to remember what happened. This is a crimimal place. Be warned.

Reply Jun 26th, 2017

Exotic Club in Warsaw: the security guys AND the girls are just criminal subjects! Don't be a fool and stay away von this f***ing "club"! They've stolen my credit card and my camera!

Reply Jun 7th, 2017

Exotic club bad experience don't go there umbrella girl's are cheetig

Reply May 15th, 2017
Party animal
United States

Exotic club never again The worst experience ever The girls are awful when u talk about the money they try to rob u literally rob you ... Don't go there

Reply May 9th, 2017

I lost my 6000 seek.

Reply May 15th, 2017

Exotic club Warsaw. Don't go even near of that place. I was there yesterday with my collegueau. We had 3 beers each, We didn't bought ladydrinks or anything like that. The check was reasonable, but I didn't have enough zlotys, so I paid with credit card. There was some hassle, so when I came back to hotel, I checked my bank balance. They had thought 1350€ from my card!!!!!!. I went back and first tried to speak things out , no help. When I raised my voice, a huge security guy came and slapped me!!!! What could I do?? So this is warning, choose any other place

Reply May 1st, 2017

Got ripped off last night, exotic club in central Warsaw. Bought a couple of drinks for the girl. They gave me several free vodkas, theni blacked out. When I woke they said I'd been sick, needed a cleaning lady... I didn't even look to see if this was the case. They 'tried' my card several times... I realise now.. that they took over $2000 with this trick. Bank won't help me, police probably can't help. It's a well oiled scam. Beware. The drinks are spiked and the scam is clever. Now how do I pay the mortgage this week!?

Reply Apr 28th, 2017

We went to a club called Dopamina as some girls on the street invited us. Just wanted to what this is. Inside girls sat next to us, and immediately very expensive drinks just keep on coming without ordering. Aggressive people demanded us to pay. Lost some 300€ to this shithole. Avoid at any cost!

Reply Apr 9th, 2017

I want to warn all of you: DON'T GO INTO THE EXOTIC CLUB IN WARSAW! They made me pay about 2000 Dollar, otherwise I was not allowed to leave the Club! I went to the police and hope that they will do something against these criminal establishment!

Reply Apr 5th, 2017

Hey guys, I was in the Exotic Club in Warsaw with some friends. Be careful and don't go in this very criminal bar! I just can warn you! The girls with the blue umbrellas and the guy with the yellow jacket attracted us to come inside. The security men are very aggressive and they've stolen my mobile phone!!! When I asked them to give it back, they attacked me!!! The prices are far too high! And to come out of this cellar, we had to pay about 100 EUR per person!!! Never again!!!

Reply Mar 30th, 2017

Same here! And I think they put drugs in my drink...

Reply Mar 30th, 2017

I was really shocked when I heard all of the stories about Polish night clubs... Last time I have visited Warsaw few months ago and I wanted to find a nice night club that would also be safe. I read some recommendations and chose New Orleans. It was a good decision! The place is very safe, and at the same time very elegant. And of course they have incredible dancers. I have seen amazing dance show and left very impressed, as well as my friends:) Definitely New Orleans is worth visiting and you don't have to worry about any sketchy situations there!

Reply Mar 23rd, 2017

I would definitely recommend New Orleans for any man who is looking for good alcohol and beautiful women. It is a great place, very elegant and exclusive. I don't think that there is any other club like that in Warsaw. They offer huge choice of different alcohols and their dancers are incredibly sexy and very talented. The prices are probably a little bit higher but worth it. And what is also important, the place is for sure very safe. If you ask me, it is the best night club in Warsaw.

Reply Mar 7th, 2017

I totally agrre, that the New Orleans Club is amazing. It has many good reviews, so last time I went to Warsaw i decided to check it out. I was not disappointed! Their drinks are really great and dancers are simply beautiful and breathtaking. I will definitely go there again!

Reply Feb 17th, 2017
United Kingdom

Hi guys, last night i was in Exotic Klub and my friend loose 1500 pound without drink nothing and the waitress threatened him to don't said nothing to the police. Bad Place, stay away

Reply Jun 28th, 2016

I was in Exotic Club of Varsavia with my friend. We go inside because the girl out of the club said me that was free entrace. I take a wodka with my friend and i pay only 20 eur. The day after i discovered that i have lose 800 eur in this disco club. Immediatly i had block my credit card and i went to police for a declaration. With the documet i write to my bank to block the payment. After 2 Week a recive my money.

Reply Jun 13th, 2016

Same think happen too my 1300€ I go never enter club minus

Reply May 8th, 2016
Mr. Nielsen

There are a lot of nice strip clubs in Warsaw. But don't ever enter Club Minus on Chmielna 9, they are very corrupt! I was there with a friend and we were both overcharged a lot. I was charged about 1.200 euros for a dance and a drink I never had! I didn't notice it that night, but checked my account the following day. When I went there to talk them, I was threated by the staff. Even the police couldn't help me, even though they had plenty of similar complaints from other tourists. You can also check tripadvisor, to see complaints from other guests.

Reply Jan 31st, 2016
United States

Same thing just happened to me and my friend. got charges 3,000 between the two of us

Reply Apr 13th, 2016

There is a strip bar on Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw which I can't remember the name near to a lovely Croatian restaurant named 'Dubrovnik' where there are girls dressed in ‘military style’ camouflage that is “FREE” to get into. Please whatever you do AVOID this bar with ‘camouflage’ girls. They put drugs in my brother's drink so he had no memory whatsoever, stole his credit card and tried to rob £2,000 from his bank account. These racketeers are thieves who want to do nothing but drug and rob tourists. Please for your own safety AVOID this bar at all costs - It's only "FREE" to enter so they can empty your bank account!

Reply Oct 1st, 2015

Nice place. Nice girls. I had a splendid evening there. The staff is super nice. Although I recommend you to be careful cause some girls really push hard for consumption. So if you do not take care, you might find yourself drinking a 1000EUR! bottle of champagne. I guess it is the business and espite that I would certainly go back there.

Reply Aug 30th, 2011
United States

I am going to try them all and then write reviews here so that you know the best to go to. I do agree that if you are asked to buy a girl a drink always ask for the menu as you could well find it is the most expensive drink you have ever bought in your whole life. Clubs like these are great, and the girls are great, but after all they are there to try and part you with your money. Good selection to choose from though, so try them out and let us all know where is good to go, and where not to go. Harry

Reply Aug 2nd, 2011