Tallinn Restaurants

Given a nudge in the right direction by the recently-formed Silver Spoon Gastronomy Society, Tallinn's restaurant scene is rapidly growing in choice and quality. Every type of cuisine is represented from classic Italian to modern fusion and, although some joints are better than others, you're more likely to hit than miss.

The adventurous - or should we say foolhardy - amongst you might want to try some classic Estonian dishes. Unfortunately your waitress will invariably speak English, and be able to tell you what's in them... When really you're better off not knowing.

For something completely different, you can now also eat with a local cook at their own home in Tallinn !

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Mere pst 6E

17. Restaurant Ö

2 reviews
Kopli 2c

18. Gulfstream

2 reviews
Estonia pst 9

19. Sushi House

1 review

20. Bocca

1 review
Vene 5

21. Restoran Elepvant

1 review
Bremeni käik 1 / Uus tn. 19

22. Chakra

1 review
Weizenbergi 18

23. Restaurant Kadriorg

1 review
Vana-Viru 14

24. Mozza

1 review
Kuninga 3

25. Kuninga Restaurant

1 review
Viru 22
Tallinn Toompuiestee 16

27. Hotokas-Hot Dog Cafe

1 review
Raekoja plats 11

28. Restaurant Balthasar

2 reviews
Kloostrimetsa 58a

29. Galaxy

2 reviews
Tartu mnt. 84A

30. Fahle Restoran

2 reviews
Narva mnt. 7

31. Bosphorus

1 review
Mundi 3

32. Turg

1 review

Reviews about Tallinn Restaurants

I lived in Moscow for many years and often went to Tallin to renew my Russian. visa., I chose Tallin so that I could enjoy a meal at my favourite garlic restaurant! I have had the opportunity to eat here 8 times over 20 years and can't wait for my next visit!

Restaurant Balthasar

The ED due to that surgery can be either temporary or permanent. He is content, and the opposite of our thoughts senior years has in store for us.

Vanaema Juures

It was a very interesting experience for expats, and they are a lovely family. The food was so good


We spent a lovely evening with Kal and his family. The food was delicious, very tasty and we had the opportunity to enjoy Indian tastes in Tallinn. Looking forward to trying other of his specialities, for sure I will repeat!


Delicious food and good company.


Good food, great location, very impolite service staff. Do not expect any welcome or greeting when you enter there!

Restaurant Shesh-Besh

A really great choice for a quality meal....

United Kingdom,
Restaurant Kadriorg

Mantsiz & handcut fries are a must have!

Hotokas-Hot Dog Cafe

It was a very good restaurant, and we enjoyed our meal a great deal.


Outstanding food. Loved the service and the whole charm of the place.

United Kingdom,
Kuninga Restaurant