Mediterranean Restaurants in Tallinn

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Lootsi 15

1. Admiral

5 reviews
Roseni 8

2. Alter Ego

2 reviews
Weizenbergi 18

3. Restaurant Kadriorg

1 review

Reviews about Mediterranean Restaurants in Tallinn

A really great choice for a quality meal....

United Kingdom,
Restaurant Kadriorg

Perfect match after intense shopping day. Relaxing atmosphere meets exquisite Mediterranean kitchen. Thanks!

Alter Ego

We had a nice dinner there, recommended! The view of the harbour and the old town as a backdrop, sailory atmosphere with the slight lulling in the waves, friendly service and good food! We tried the delicious serbian specialties, and a thing not to miss the the ships original pepper vodka (warms you up instantly)!


The food that was served was really bad. Some of the items were still frozen when served. I've never seen duck served so chewy and dry as this place did. Now, this was only for the food. The service was a true disaster. We were a group of 2 tables. Our other table had to wait an hour for service, although it was clear they were in the same reservation. Some of the ordered food was forgotten, so that a whole table would eat -1. I do not recommend this place for anyone.


The Food was really bad. Frozen anchovys and duck was so try and hard. Waiter was very rude and mized our orders. He didnt even knowed the basic stuff like serving the food proper way. After 2.5hours we get fed up with the waiting(all of us didnt even had main course that time) and leaved the place. All of us got the food on different time. Worst restaurant tha I have been! Dont go here!


One of the best restaurant in town. It really made its name in a short time since the opening a while ago. Service & food on its level. And the best of all for a fair prize. I personally wish all the best for Alter Ego and that the future will be bright for them.

Alter Ego

A truly unique experience.


After we read your review, we went to this restaurant and (slightly drunk) tried to see who could get the most 'Titanic' references into their food order. It was bloody hilarious!

United Kingdom,