Artist protests against arrest for going topless

An Estonian artist has claimed that she was unfairly arrested for walking topless in the street.

Fideelia-Signe Roots has now contacted the country's Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner to protest the matter.

The young artist points out that the case represents a grey area, as men are free to walk down the street without a top on.

"As it is, I'm confused: my behaviour was considered a breach of public order, but the law that I violated is non-existent," she said.

"My question, why was the police called and why did they act as if I were a criminal?" she postulated.

As it was, the topless parade was in fact a deliberate stunt designed to draw attention to the matter, and the artist was halfway through a 150km walk across part of Estonia.

Nevertheless, as a form of protest the artist's action was decidedly mild compared to the antics of art collective Voina (War) over the border in Russia.

Among the Russian group's most famous actions was F**k for the heir, teddy bear,, which chimed in with the 2008 election of President Medvedev as Putin's successor.

During that work, the group performed an impromptu orgy in the fusty halls of Moscow's State Museum of Biology, causing more than a few raised eyebrows in the Russian capital.

Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting


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