High class dining with a twist

Tallinn was treated to a decidedly novel form of high class dining this June when Belgium's Dinner in the Sky experience arrived in the Estonian capital.

The Belgian gastronomic project hoists diners 150 feet into the air in a specially-designed cage, or gondola as it has been more romantically described.

Diners are strapped into their seats beforehand, which means that clumsy customers are incapable of tripping over a table leg and accidentally slipping earthwards.

So why in heavens would anyone want to eat in such hair-raising conditions?

Well, first of all, the gastronomic adventure offers awe-inspiring views of Tallinn's Old Town. Furthermore, the food itself is not just your bog standard dumplings and cabbage, but top notch stuff matched by a discerning choice in wines (a champagne option is also available for a slightly extra cost).

The Tallinn stint has proved a tremendous success, meaning that of you missed it this time around, it's more than likely there'll be another opportunity next year.


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